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Collins or Laurinaitis?


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Laurinaitis for solo tackles. Won't get assists in KC, as the scorekeeper loves solos. Considering most every play KC runs is within 10 yds of the line of scrimmage, there should be plenty of tackles for Laurinaitis.

LBs don't get many tackles vs CHI unless they totally revamp how they play offense this week. That's possible considering the meltdown last week and that it's Forte vs NE run D or Cutler vs Revis. I know what I would choose, but Trestman is usually pass happy.

I think there is a chance Collins fills in at points for Chandler Jones at 3-4 OLB depending what front NE decides to run this week. If so, greater bet for a sack, but it will kill his tackle #s. On the IDP Podcast, Norton suggested it would be Hightower moving outside, but Collins played 3-4 OLB in week 1, when Jones played 3-4 DE, so I disagree. But honestly no one has a clue as to what Belichick will do until he does it.

Really though neither are great bets for sacks considering they both stand at zero on the season. So go with Laurinaitis and see what happens in NE.

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Chicago is not a good LB matchup (avg 11 pts against to LBs, 26th in the NFL in my league, though scoring systems will vary wildly) and

no one has a clue as to what Belichick will do until he does it

So I'd avoid both, if possible. Whoever covers Forte will do fine, but I don't know which one that will be. Guess I'd prefer Hightower to Collins, but at fantasypros.com Norton has Collins at #1, Hightower at #14 for week 8, so he obviously disagrees completely.

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