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DL Pickup ROS Redraft - Narrowed Down to These

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So I have Jared Allen (on bye this week), Olivier Vernon (so Jeckyll and Hyde), and Aaron Donald (rook with medium ceiling and LOW floor).

Rest of my team is pretty well set for the remainder of the year, but am looking at squeezing more production out of my 2 mandatory DL lineup slots.

Available on waivers are - Justin Smith, Senderrick Marks, Haloti Ngata, Bennie Logan, and Shariff Floyd/Linval Joseph.

Points are simple - 1 pt per UT, .5 per AT, 2 points per sack/int/safety, 6 pts per td.

Any of those guys worth picking up to replace my currently rostered DL?

I am thinking Justin Smith is a no brainer, but I am also pretty high on Bennie Logan.

Thoughts? Not just on value of the waiver guys - but value relative to the guys I would be replacing.


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I think it's very close, between Marks, Ngata, and Floyd. I agree with staying away from Smith, and the Philly situation seems to change frequently. I think you can make the same argument about Floyd as you can with Marks (both play on teams with poor offense). Ngata has outperformed both, so far, but not by a lot. Close call, and I don't think you can go wrong with any of them (those three).

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