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Kuechly's trade value in Dynasty


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I'm considering trading Kuechly in a dynasty league (12 teams, balanced 1 point tackle, .5 assist, 2 points for sacks, etc) but I'm having a hard time assessing his value. Right now I'm being offered a 2nd round pick in 2015 from a contending team, so i assume it will be a late round pick. I feel like i need to get more for him. We start up to 3 LBs and below are my LBs. I think I can afford to let him go with this bunch. Any help is much appreciated thank you

Barr, Anthony MIN LB 81.08 10 Collins, Jamie NEP LB 60.62 10 Kendricks, Mychal PHI LB 31.50 7 Kuechly, Luke CAR LB 86.50 12 Mosley, C.J. BAL LB 85.16 11 Williamson, Avery TEN LB 44.72 9
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A 2nd round pick is not nearly enough for him. I wouldn't even trade him for a first if it wasn't a high first. I drafted him at pick 1.06 only behind Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon, Doug Martin, RG3, and Luck, and he has done nothing but impress since then.

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