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Tackle-heavy league HELP


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Hello everybody,

Since I lost Posluzny for the season, I have been searching for a good DP. My league is a little quirky:

1 IDP of any position

1 per tackle

2 per sack

2 per forced fumble

2 per recovered fumble

2 per interception

6 per TD

As you can see, star defensive players are not rewarded very well for sacks or turnovers. In other words, a player who racks up a ton of tackles each game is worth the most.

So which IDP should I pick up, or should I hold onto Karlos Dansby?

  • Clay Matthews (moved to ILB this week. Will he stay??)
  • Jamie Collins (NE, LB)
  • Keenan Robinson (Wsh, LB)
  • Chris Borland (SF, LB)

Also, should I pick up either of these players as they come back from injury? If so, who?

  • NaVorro Bowman (SF, LB)
  • Patrick Willis (SF, LB)

Thank you!


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Run as fast as you can to gra Borland! I missed a FAAB bid by $1 and it is driving me crazy!

So I will have to settle for Clay but I am concerned for the long haul as I eel teams will learn to put big bodies on him as much as possible.

Clay did look incredible the other night at ILB so hopefully it will last.

Good Luck

Can you check out mine?


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