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Newbie Week 14 IDP Help Needed...


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I need an awesome IDP for week 14. My 12 team 1pt PPR league allows for one IDP position.

Our Scoring is as followed:

Each Sack 4

Blocked Punt, PAT or FG 2

Each Interception 5

Each Fumble Recovered 4

Each Fumble Forced 4

Each Safety 2

Assisted Tackles 0.75

Solo Tackles 1.5

Passes Defensed 1.5

Players NOT available to me are: J.Watt, L.Kuechly, D.Levy, L.David, C.Mosley, D.Jackson, B. Marshall, P.Worrilow, A.Ogletree,J.Jenkins,J.Houston,C.Borland,M.Adams,M.Kendricks, B.Wagner.

I currently have S.Moore. LineBackers are dominating in this league along with a few Safeties.

In week 13 J. Watt score 27.6 pts, L.Kuechly scored 20 pts.

Any help on picking that rockstar IDP for week 14 would be greatly appreciated.

I just realized when my first posted didn't go through it defaulted me to the normal Assistant coach and not the IDP assent coach. I asked for it to be moved.

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