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The Babadook--new horror film


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Just caught this last night. For the horror fans out there, this is a very, very good movie. Very unsettling and the acting in this is over the top. The little kid especially is amazing. To have a horror flick get 98% at RT is unbelievable. Not a hacker/slasher type movie just FYI.

They are actually going to make the pop-up book that is featured in the movie. You can pre-order it now for $80.00. I am actually thinking about getting it as a gift for my wife (of course it won't be here until June).

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szaLnKNWC-U

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it was a good build up ....i liked how it wasnt over the top trying to use standard scare tactics so many horror movies use ...did make you think at the end ...in the basement...real or not?

if the kid hadn't been dragged up the stairs by the invisible string and bashed around the room, I'd say not. Or was that purely in her imagination? Didn't come across that way.

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Ive probably watched this 5 times and have fallen asleep after an hour or so...The mother's acting is solid, the kid's acting must be brilliant because he annoyed the heck out of me..im sure at some point ill see the ending

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