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HELLO FROM REHAB!!!!   Not sure if anything's been shared but Sunday dinner at my parents' a couple weeks ago was in fact an elaborate ruse to stage an intervention.  Actually it wasn't very

Everybody take a minute tonight (or today) to raise a glass to HeckDad.  My sister just called to tell me that he passed away at home.  Don't have details other than he fell, but he was 94 with a bad

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Hey I just sent a Christmas card yesterday too. It was with this really important thing my wife asked me to mail weeks ago. I found both under the passenger seat of my car about two seconds before she was going to get in so I told her it was a spider and it got away. She sat in the back on the other side and I found a mailbox as soon as I could.

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Christmas cards went out yesterday. No thanks to my wife mind you.

Little early, no? :mellow:

For putting my wife down?

Like a dog? For Xmas cards?


Poor thing. Pepper was the one that seemed immune to your fatal charm

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I think we're somewhere around 16", Stoney, but - with the drifting - it's really hard to tell

I think we have about 6in here is Washington,PA.. go about 25 miles east and they are in the 10 to 15 in range.

Just heard on the news that there are stranded drivers on the PA turnpike between the Somerset and Bedford exits

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