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2 hours ago, MAC_32 said:

If old man hasn't shown up yet I'll do that, but won't be in any position to anticipate the next move. Since he seems to first check in around noon here I wouldn't get my hopes up.

I had to get up early to pee

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3 hours ago, MAC_32 said:

Don't expect much progress today - I'm stepping out around noon est and may not have time to catch back up again before tonight.

Send me a two man list and I'll draft the other

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8 minutes ago, PIK95 said:

You said Urias would surely get back.  You lose wager.

No I didn't.  I said that we will still be able to get <insert other scrub pitcher not named Urias> next time around and possibly Urias.

Check the text from 8:35pm last night.

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1 hour ago, Rated R Superstar said:

10.15 Madison Bumgarner - SP - ARI

11.1 Hansel Robles - RP - LAA

@Chemical X

dammit dammit

3 hours ago, jamny said:

10.11 - Hyun-jin Ryu - SP - TOR


2 hours ago, Spartans Rule said:

10.12 Mitch Garver, C, MIN



2 hours ago, charlieB said:

10.13 Justin Upton OF


2 hours ago, Chemical X said:

10.14 - Elvis Andrus, SS, Strangers


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46 minutes ago, greedygoat said:

Me thinks someone stayed up too late last night playing Greedy Game.

We just got home from my daughter 's surgery.  She's white as a ghost, but feeling good.  I tried to get her to play the Greedy game but she declined.

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  • RnR changed the title to PieLeeg HQ: Magic Beisbol Extravaganza

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