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We just got home from my daughter 's surgery.  She's white as a ghost, but feeling good.  I tried to get her to play the Greedy game but she declined.

Now I'm mad. Bunch of ungrateful cockfaces.


2 hours ago, E-Z Glider said:

I love how shady always has to @ the next person for ChemX and his alai and no one ever says anything about it. I mean, it’s only been 25 rounds now :lmao:

the at only works if you are here and if you are here, i assume you are drafting.  also, i’m drafting for like 11 teams.

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2 hours ago, Aloof said:


you think this is fun, wait till i'm in europe and 6 hoors ahead!!!  i'll be asleep at 3p chode standard time.

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3 minutes ago, MAC_32 said:

I got about 10 mins then I'm out for a couple hours. If we get these two in fast then I'll send my next one on the way back to RnR.

I’m here and ready to roll.

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31 minutes ago, RnR said:

Meanwhile one of my "closers" is already dead :oldunsure:


7 minutes ago, shady inc said:

matt bush rp tex


Normally I'd be offended by this... but I just tricked you into taking a 35 year old deadbeat reliever on a bad team.

Congratulations, you played yourself.

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  • RnR changed the title to PieLeeg HQ: Magic Beisbol Extravaganza

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