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PGA Tour Thread: 2019 Season Ends

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Yeah tough to judge based on on course persona.   Guys are so focused that too much emotion is bad.

That said Rickie bangs models and used to race motorcycles.  He was national player of the year and bangs super models.

Oh and he's great with kids. :)

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This is a 6?!?

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Just now, BobbyLayne said:


well at least he’s hitting trampled down areas

better than missing by a foot & drawing a lousy lie

Hitting some fans 20 yards left of the trampled area and getting a bounce into the trampled area.

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Going to be a hell of a back nine. I’m drinking great beer on my couch while my 9 year old roots for Tiger and I root for others. Only that could make this better is hookers and blow but need my son to turn 12 before that will fly.

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Just now, JuniorGong said:

The three putt on 9 from 15 feet is going to haunt him

Yeah that was bad.


Need to keep your head on a swivel when he’s teeing off. Second straight drive into the gallery. 

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