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Henry Anderson

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He seems to be completely off the radar in a lot of rookie IDP drafts. I drafted him as I thought he had a chance to contribute right away.Am I way off base in thinking that?Starting to get buyers remorse.Traded a 2016 3rd to obtain him .So really won't hurt me mush if he doesn't pan out.What do you think I can expect out of him this year?

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well...not knowing how many teams are in your league...and not knowing your scoring for IDP's....I would say even in the best setup for Anderson you stil gave up too much in giving away a third round pick for a defensive end in his situation. Looks like he may get a shot to start, but as we've seen with rookies, and injury in training camp can slow down your odds of starting until the middle of the season because you don't have the reps needed to overtake a veteran...even if you're better.

Still, seemed like Jene Bramel had some favorable things to say about his situation in his draft board, comparing his upside to a Calais Campble or Sheldon Richardson...not bad for a 3-4 defensive end.


Still...that's upside and not garunteed. And like many defensive ends it may take a year or two before he's ready to get to that level (think Tank Carradine perhaps breaking out this year with the 49ers..albeit he was recovering from a torn acl in his first year and was stuck behind Justin Smith) of contributing at a high level.

Like the player...respectable situation, but for what it's worth I would hold off on giving up 3rd rounders for defensive end talents in a 3-4 scheme in the future. Just something to keep in mind.

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then yeah, 32 team league it might be fine. At the end of the day if you believe in the player and you believe the price is good, go for it. Time would tell you if it was a smart move or not.

if it's good, then you can continue to impliment that stratigy in future years, if not, you learn from it and move on.

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