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It's not too soon to say I'm going to run the Calcomatic again this year 

OK, I dusted off the old live scoring site and loaded in the new rosters. When you get a chance please take a look and let me know if anything looks funny - I haven't had time this year to thoroughly

Looking to go live around August 3rd

Winners are notified by email or regular mail within 14 days after the official results (and associated winners) are posted at the conclusion of the Contest. Winners are also posted on the Contest web site. Winners must return via email or regular mail an affidavit of eligibility and a liability/publicity release (unless prohibited by law) within 15 days following attempted notification. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in disqualification.


someone give me this in very basic terms.
The contest results became official on new years eve, so they'd have till January 14th to contact us. So 2 more days before we need to do more investigating. I have no idea what the affidavit and release will entail, but I guess the eventual email should explain those. Edited by kj_runfree
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Geeze oh wiz.  The passing time of my life is marked ever more by the all too soon return of this oh so wonderful annual rite of fantasy football futility. I both love and hate this contest.

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 so exited to be back in this contest! after years of week 10 exits ive decided to go against my small stud filled rosters and go with larger roll of the dice type roster (as everyone says good year to go small go figure! here is my 26 man roster ( large for me)

QB Bortles

QB Daulton

RB  Chris ivory

RB Blial powel

RB Spencer ware

RB Derick henrey

RB Deandre washington

RB Charcandrick west

RB Christine michael

WR Eric decker

WR Michael crabtree

WR Michael floyd

 WR Kevin white

WR Laquin treadwell

WR Marvin Jones

WR Corey colmon

  TES Are sifieron jenkons/ zach miller chi  and austin hooper

 defenses mia/wsh kickers carpenter /noveck/janokosiki. 

My thought process is prey my recevers can carry me untill injury bug rocks rbs and makes my backups good plays. considering finding a way to get james white to help early

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Hope the salaries are a little more friendly this year to build teams I know it isn't supposed to be easy but these are usually way too tough to put together a team.

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