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Draft Kings vs. Fan Duel

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They both have similar type contests. They both have contests you can enter for free.

FanDuel has contest for as low as $1.00 while Draft Kings lowest is $2.00. The rake is same for both up to $50.00 above that Draft Kings gets better than FanDuel.

Line-ups and scoring are not identical.


DraftKings has a Flex, no Kicker 1 PPR and bonus for over 300 yards pass and 100 yards rush and receive. FanDuel has no Flex, has a kicker is .5PPR and does not have bonus points.

FanDuel with having the $1.00 entry seems to have more lower stakes contests available than Draft Kings(opinion I did not add them up).

Both currently offer a deposit bonus FanDuel up to $200 and DraftKings up to $600 match(% of $$ played)

Draft Kings has what is called late swap while FanDuel does not. FanDuel locks 5minutes before the first game of your contests while you can change your line-up on DraftKings for any player whose game has not started up to 5 minutes before their kickoff as long as you change it with someone else who has not started. In other words you can change a Monday night player with a Monday night player on Monday night even if your first game started Sunday.

These are the things I know of off the top of my head. I am sure there are more and hopefully what I missed someone else will add on. You should also read the thread on where you will play to get peoples opinions on where they will play and why.

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The biggest difference to me, is simply the late swap.

Like topman said above, Draftkings allows Late Swap and Fanduel doesn't.. It's a TREMENDOUS difference in lifestyle.

For me, I like to set my lineups and once kickoff happens, just enjoy the games and my scores. On Fanduel you can do this.

However, on Draftkings, you need to plan around the late swap, even for football. If you have an entry that is in contention to win money, you may have to swap out a certain player to get more or less risky. Top players even plan around this. If you have a certain RB starting on Monday night, it may benefit you to swap him out for a high risk/reward WR (of course if you have the salary left for it).

Also, keep in mind, for NBA, especially, late swap is huge. There will be times a guy is announced as sitting after lineups lock. On Fanduel this could end your night quickly OR it could benefit you greatly if you don't have that player and he has a high % owned.

Late Swap can benefit you and hurt you. But it's something to keep in mind for all sports.

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Price points, fees, and game offerings are virtually the same on both sites (DK does have $1 games, despite what someone said above).

The main differences are:

-Late Swap: DraftKings has it, Fanduel looks when the first game starts.

-Kicker/Flex: DraftKings has a flex and no kicker, Fanduel has a kicker and no flex.

-Scoring: DraftKings is full PPR, Fanduel is half-PPR. DraftKings also has bonuses for stuff like 100 rushing yards, which Fanduel doesn't do.

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does FD have a "create lineup" option outside of entering a contest? i scoured the home page and didn't see anything.

DK and VT both have this option...hard to believe FD doesn't. am i just missing it?

any help is appreciated. TIA

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Draftkings got rid of 1 dollar contests?

I didn't see any $1 ones in preseason.

I think $2, definitely $3.

What I thought was interesting was "quarter arcade" which are contests for a quarter.

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