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***OFFICIAL*** Washington Football Team Thread


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09/12/21 vs Chargers, 1pm

Solid opponent, we'll probably have to play a near-flawless game, to win. At least we get them at 10am West Coast time, however, it being Week 1, it's conceivable they could arrive a few days early, and adjust to the time change...come to think of it, they'll likely start prepping for that situation immediately, so it's probably a minor factor at best. 50/50 we start the 2021 Season with a win. I cannot confirm this, but think I heard earlier it leaked that Week 2 we play the Giants on RNF, so, short week, Divisional game...at least it's we're home, and I think we're better than the Giants, and it's a short week for them, too...I'm inclined to go 60/40 on this one.

Great to hear positive things about the Leno acquisition from a Bears fan. I'll have to look into him more. Can't have enough competent OL.

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Very solid player. The type of guy that had we been a good team the last 10 years, he would have received a lot more national attention. Kind of like Chris Samuels.

He seems like the type of person who will come back to the DC area when he eventually retires and continue to be very involved here like so many players have been over the years.

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2 hours ago, nittanylion said:

Aloha, Ryan Kerrigan. Liked the person, liked the player. Not elite, but worth the investment. Brought no shame to the B&G.

Wishing you all the best...save for 2x a Season.

Will Washington get any kind of comp pick for him signing with the Eagles or no? 

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46 minutes ago, Marvelous said:

Morgan Moses and Geron Christian are both released.  Not sure it is fair to put them in the same sentence.

Maybe it is. Morgan Moses' is a League Average lineman at best. No knock on the guy, he just is what he is, and that's not bad. His greatest attribute is his ability to stay healthy, and man his post every Sunday. He's no John Jansen. Then again, few are. Christian is certainly further down the Totem Pole of OL rankings, but he did an OK job as part of the platoon on the left side last year, IIRC, in tandem with Lucas. This guy from Chicago is pretty good, and apparently they think Flowers is ready to log some snaps back out on the edge, as well as at guard. We'll see, I guess. Gotta keep the heat off Fitz, or we're gonna get more tragic than magic.

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Moses was a nice starter, team player, and seems like a good dude.  But letting him (and Kerrigan) go ... neither were impact players at this stage.  They were good enough to get the team by, and aren't needed anymore.  Part of the business.  Plus I assume they liked Cosmi enough at rookie camp they figure Moses can be let go.  Which would be a good thing looking toward the next few years.

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