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12 Team - Superflex - Leaguesafe - ALL PLAY Dynasty Startup - $72


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ACTIVE owners only - We will be drafting rookie draft picks and having a rookie draft after the NFL Draft


If interested email me teamhaterade at gmail







League Size: 12 Owners Draft Type: Dynasty League Host: The League will be hosted at myfantasyleague.com (MFL) Draft Start Date/Time: March 30th, 8:00 AM EST League


Dues Information: The league will cost $72 per year. 
For this league, we will use Leaguesafe for all of the money handling. I will deduct $60 from the league balance each year to pay for the MFL dues. Draft order and division alignment for the start up year will occur once all league members have paid. This league will use a "Pay as you Trade" type of deposit system. For any trades you make which involves a future 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round draft pick, the team which TRADES AWAY a future pick will be required to pay the yearly dues for their team for the year of the traded away pick. Trades involving future draft picks will not be processed until the advanced dues have been received by the commish. No exceptions will be made for this policy. Cash must be in hand for the trade to be processed. For this reason, the commish will have to approve all trades. Trades involving players only will automatically be approved. Trades involing future draft picks will be approved once the above conditions have been met. Leaguesafe will be set up for the current year only, so any advanced dues that are paid will be sent directly to the commish and I will update the leaguesafe balance when future years are set up on leaguesafe. If/when an owner decides to leave the league, and if future draft picks have been traded, the commish will attempt to find an owner to accept the team at full price. If we are able to do that, the outgoing owner will have the dues paid for future years returned to him. If the team is in bad shape, and we can't find a new owner at full price, a discount may need to be given. The discount will be in the form of a reduction of future dues. The reduction will come out of the future dues that the original owner had previously paid.


All Play - you will play each team in your conference head to head every week and be awarded a Win or Loss based on you weekly score.


Fantasy Schedule: We will have a 13-week regular season.


Standings: Team rankings will use head to head wins and losses versus all teams in each conference every week example Team A 120 Points - record will be 2-1 for that week Team B 119 Points - record will be 1-2 for that week Team C 130 Points - record will be 3-0 for that week Team D 110 Points - record will be 0-3 for that week etc.


Roster Size: 18 Starting Lineup(s): 1-2 QB 2-5 RB 3-6 WR 1-3 TE - No Kickers No Defense 3 total Flex spots 1 Flex can be a QB Starting lineup deadlines. 
Each fantasy player's starting or reserve status will be frozen at the start of each player's NFL game. As long as a player's game has not started, that player may be shuffled in or out of a fantasy lineup provided the player who is getting replaced has also not had their game start.

Scoring System: Offense Scoring. Points will be awarded using the following guidelines: - .1 point for each yard rushing or receiving - rushing and receiving yardage points will be awarded separately - for example, 19 yards rushing and 33 yards receiving for the same player. That player would receive 1.9 rushing points and 3.3 receiving points for a total of 5.2 points. - .05 point for each yard passing - Any negative yardage totals will count as 0 points. - 1 point for each kicked extra point - Field goals will be awarded points as follows: - No Kickers equal no points! - 6 points for each touchdown scored by rushing or receiving - 4 points for each passed touchdown - 1 point per reception - 2 points for each two point conversion by rushing or receiving - 1 point for each two point conversion that is passed

Stat Corrections: Occasionally, the NFL will publish stat corrections that may affect the outcome of your fantasy game. If the stats are officially changed before the next week's games starts (Thurs, Sat or Sun games), the changed stats will be used to calculate the final weeks points. Once the next weeks NFL games start, the results of the previous week are final and cannot be changed or challenged.

Waiver System: This league will have the following waiver periods 

1. Off-Season (No Waivers but Trades are allowed) - This will start at the conclusion of our fantasy playoffs and will run until the conclusion of the annual Rookie/Free Agent draft. There will be no BBid or FC/FS waivers during this period. The normal pay as you trade policy will be in effect for any future drafts picks that may be traded. 

2. Pre-Season (BBid Waivers and Trades allowed) - Pre-Season waivers will start on the first Wednesday following the conclusion of our Rookie/Free Agent draft and will end at the start of the NFL regular season. Each team will be given $100 BBid bidding dollars to be used at their discretion for the Pre-Season waiver period. Minimum bid will be $0. There will be no FC/FS waivers during this period. Again, the normal pay as you trade policy will be in effect for any future drafts picks that may be traded. During the Pre-Season waiver period, time of submission will be used as a tie-breaker in the event two or more teams bid the same amount for a player.

3. In-Season (BBID, FC/FS, Trades allowed) - In-Season waivers will begin the first Wednesday after week 1 at 7 PM cT and will continue through the fantasy playoffs. Each team will be given $1000 BBid bidding dollars to be used at their discretion for the In-Season waiver period. Minimum bid will be $0. FC/FS waivers will then be available for the rest of the week up until the start of the Sunday NFL games. Players that play in a Thursday/Saturday game will be locked at the start of those games. Rosters will remain at 24 players and pay as you trade is also in effect during this period. Waivers will then continue to process once a week on Wednesday at 7 PM ET. All free agents will initially start as being locked prior to week 1. From there, blind bidding submissions will be open beginning with 1st game of each week. Blind bidding waivers will automatically be processed at 5am of Thursday of each week and be awarded to the highest bidder (ties will be broken according to VP, Win Pct, PF and PA in reverse order). After waivers processes, all free agents not picked up will be available as free agents on a first come first serve basis until the kickoff of the 1st game of next week. Players picked up AND dropped the same week through free agency will be able to be picked up. To get a locked player, you must contact me by email AND also post a message on the message board of your intentions. The message board post and time stamp is your claim of the player and notification to all other owners. I will then unlock the player and you can then pick him up. If I do not unlock your player by kickoff, then you must tell me 1) who you want unlocked and picked up, 2) who you are dropping 3) and who to start and take out of your lineup if you plan on making changes ON THE MESSAGE BOARD.

Draft Order: For the initial year, once the league is full and all payments have been received, I will use the FF TOOLBOX draft generator to randomly generate the order in which we can select our draft slot. You will receive an email from FF Toolbox when I hit the randomize button. An email similar to below will be sent to each owner. 1.01----TEAM A - first choice at pick 1-12 1.02----TEAM B - second pick to choose draft slot...etc. 1.03----TEAM C 1.04----TEAM D 1.05----TEAM E 1.06----TEAM F 1.07----TEAM G 1.08----TEAM H 1.09----TEAM I 1.10----TEAM J 1.11----TEAM K 1.12----TEAM L 

Annual Rookie Draft and Free Agent Draft (Year 2 and beyond): Each year in the off season (beginning in 2016) we will hold a four round rookie/free agent draft. The initial round's draft order will be in reverse order of VP's from the previous season with winning pct and then points scored being tie breakers for the first 6 draft spots. The order will remain the same for all three rounds of the rookie/free agent draft. Teams can participate in as many rounds as they choose (1, 2, 3, or 4 rounds), and, if needed, must drop a player or players beforehand to free up roster spot(s) for the newly drafted player(s). The Rookie and free agent draft date for each year will start on TBD. Drafting : Selecting and drafting the WRONG player: If someone makes an obvious mistake (i.e. Drafting the wrong Gronkowski), I will fix the error as soon as I can, but please ensure that you are drafting the player you really want on the first attempt. Everyone is VERY careful when pre-drafting and VERY careful when selecting and hitting the draft button. DOUBLE CHECK, TRIPLE CHECK, QUADRUPLE CHECK before you hit that submit button to PRE-DRAFT or DRAFT. Expiring clock...Each owner will have 12 hours to select a player once they are on the clock. I'm hoping this will be a non-issue here but we need a policy for if the 12 hour clock expires. For owners whose 12 hour clock expires, here is how I will handle it. You and the next owner will SIMULTANEOUSLY be on the clock. For example if you have pick 1.01 and time out, YOU and the 1.02 OWNER will simultaneously be on the clock. Whoever submits the draft selection first, will have precedence...if the 1.02 Owner drafts and you still have not drafted, then 1.03 and you will be on the clock together...this will continue until you have drafted.

Trades: Trades should always be allowed unless collusion is suspected. Collusion is defined as "a trade in which one of the owners knowingly and purposefully aids another owner without benefit to his own team." The commissioner has authority to reverse trades where collusion has occurred. If a league member has an objection to a trade, they should bring it to the attention of the commissioner and the trade will be investigated. 

Trading of future draft picks is allowed. Teams may trade future draft picks for current year plus 1 year. For example, if the current year is 2013, you will be able to trade picks for years 2013 and 2014 . Trading a future draft pick will require league dues for that year to be paid prior to the trade being approved. Thus, all trades (draft picks and player) will require commissioner approval. This in only to assure that dues have been paid prior. Player only trades will be automatically approved, except in the extreme cases mentioned in the above paragraph. Draft pick trades will be processed once payment has been received of the future year's dues. This payment will only have to be made by the team trading away a future draft pick. 

Trading of BBid bidding dollars is allowed. Teams may trade BBid bidding dollars for the current transaction period only. BBid bidding dollars will not carry over to future waiver periods. For example, if you trade for BBid bidding dollars during the Pre-Season Waiver Period, any left over BBid bidding dollars WILL NOT carry over to the In-Season Waiver Period. No trades will be allowed after week 11 through the conclusion of the fantasy season. BBid and FC/FS will continue through the end of the season as stated above.

Playoffs: Weeks 14-16, 6 team Playoff, 6 team Consolation Bowl. These will be the top 6 finishers in total record. Top 2 teams get prize money but do not get a bye. Week 14 - Round 1 of the playoffs in which there will be an all-play between the 6 teams . The top 4 scores for the week advance to round two. Week 15 and 16 - The FINALS in which there will be an all-play between the 4 remaining teams. The sum of each teams total score from weeks 15 + Week 16 will determine the order of the finish. NOTE - Your finish in the playoffs will determine your draft order the following year and in part your potential success or failure. The Consolation Bowl will run in the same manner as above.

Payouts: ($792-$59.95 league site fee) which leaves $732.05 1st Place = $300 2nd Place = $200 3rd Place = $100 Top 2 finishers - $50 (x2 = $100) Consolation Bowl = $32.05 Prizes and awards for the winning teams will be made available for claim via leaguesafe after week 16 stats become finalized.

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