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These posts are in very poor taste in this moment.

Kirk Cousins made a lot of money betting on himself and playing under the franchise tag for a couple years.  I think $35 million will look underpaid for an elite QB in three years. And even if othe

Just feel horrible for Dak, I hate the Cowboys, but seeing how emotional he was when he was being carted off the field, and then remembering what happened to his older brother earlier this year, it re

On 10/12/2020 at 5:13 PM, Deamon said:

Just to take it to the impossible extreme, if Dalton takes them to a Super Bowl, or wins one, don't you think they move on from Dak based on him wanting to be a top 3 paid QB in the NFL?

I think Jerry is pretty desperate to win more than anyone, and if Dalton stinks it up he might throw the money at Dak.  But he may move on from him if Dalton shows that Dak was a product of the system.

Think its a bit different from the Carson situation as Foles was great in 3 games, Dalton would be good in 10+ if it plays out like that.

Dalton is serviceable, and they keep him, let Dak walk..... and then invest in the defense, and O line.....if Jerry is honest with himself, he can plainly see that with the defense as is, they ain't winning squat.

All that said, I have zero idea about how they sit with salary cap stuff on any of the potential scenarios.......I kinda draw the line at dissecting that crap.

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