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You may have free tickets at Ticketmaster due to settlement...but probably not


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I logged into Ticketmaster and it appears I have a bunch of vouchers for a $2.25 discount for tickets (big whoop), as well as at least 10 vouchers for a pair of free tickets...I dont know if theyre listed as duplicates or if theyre individual vouchers...also, there are no events listed on the eligible site yet, and who knows if the events will be worth a damn. When I finally got past the error message due to high site traffic and saw my vouchers, I clicked to go to the event list and it took me to the site in the same window, so I had to go back to the ticketmaster voucher page, and Im back to getting the "we are experiencing difficulties" message again...I did notice that all the vouchers had an expiration date of 2020.



Free tickets? Better check your Ticketmaster account right now

If you bought tickets using Ticketmaster between 1999 and 2013, pay attention-- oh, and find the password to your Ticketmaster account. There's a good chance we've got free tickets and discount codes waiting for you.

Last month, Ticketmaster settled a huge class action lawsuit (Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster) to the tune of $400 million over "deceptive and misleading" fees. Those fees included the UPS delivery fee, which the lawsuit said was a pass-through of the amount UPS charged Ticketmaster for the delivery.

As a result of the settlement, Ticketmaster is paying out the settlement to customers via vouchers for free shows, and discount codes for future purchases. Over 50 million people used the site between October 21, 1999 and February 27, 2013, and the vouchers and discount codes are meant to offset the fees customers were charged on those purchases.

It's the question everyone is asking. Here's how to find out if you've got vouchers or discount codes in your account:

- Log on to your Ticketmaster account

- Click "Your Account"

- Under Vouchers (at the bottom of the menu) click Active Vouchers

- Any vouchers or codes in your account will display

Note: As of Monday morning, Ticketmaster's site said they were experiencing issues when some users tried to access the information. This may be due to the high volume of users checking their accounts. The site advises you try again later if you receive this message.

The vouchers can't be used for just any event. Ticketmaster will designate which events are eligible, but as of this writing, that information has not been revealed. It's expected to be added to the Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster settlement site in the near future.

That site also says that the "free tickets" will be available on a first-come, first served basis, and they may not be available if other people claim them first. So don't wait to find your login information. You can click here if that's missing to reset your password.

If you'd like to be notified when new eligible events are added to the list, click here to sign up. You'll get an email when something new becomes available.



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6 minutes ago, Scoresman said:

Free ticket 

+ $25.00 handling fee

+ $15.00 service fee

+ $30.00 processing fee

Last pair of tickets I bought through TM had a total of $40 in fees, the tickets themselves were $100 ($140 total). If I can save $100 on a pair and pay $40 vs $140, Ill take that all day....of course, thats IF they put anything on the list Id be interested in, not holding my breath, but figured itd be worth checking out,

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OK...finally got my voucher list back up...Ive got twelve $2.25 vouchers (which Ill probably never use), and 12 vouchers (unique codes) for a free pair of GA tickets, all expiring on June 18th, 2020.

Each code had this text:

Use this code to receive two free General Admission tickets for eligible events.

Note that these codes can be used only against eligible events, which are still being finalized.

Please keep checking the dedicated website at: http://concerts.livenation.com/microsite/settlement

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18. What are the terms and conditions of using the Ticket Codes?

Each Class Member who made a purchase transaction on www.ticketmaster.com between October 21, 1999 and February 27, 2013, received on or around June 18, 2016, at least one Ticket Code potentially redeemable for two tickets for concert events at Live Nation owned or operated venues, subject to availability and limitations (described generally below and in more detail in the Settlement Agreement and Release). Individual Class Members received one Ticket Code for each purchase transaction during the Class Period, up to a maximum of 17 Ticket Codes. You may redeem your Ticket Codes on eligible transactions at www.ticketmaster.com. A dedicated website located at http://concerts.livenation.com/microsite/settlement has been established so you can readily see events, once they are identified, where Ticket Codes may be used. Please note the following regarding using any Ticket Codes you are eligible to receive.


  • Each Ticket Code may be redeemed for two tickets, with a maximum of two Ticket Codes (four tickets) eligible for use per event.
  • Each Ticket Code may be redeemed for General Admission seating at designated concert events at Live Nation owned or operated venues as defined on the dedicated website located at: http://concerts.livenation.com/microsite/settlement.
  • The events and venues selected where Ticket Codes may be used will be within Live Nation’s sole discretion and may include Live Nation clubs such as House of Blues.
  • Each Ticket Code may be used only one time. Once used, it will be extinguished and will disappear from the list of Active Vouchers on your account.
  • A list of events for which the Ticket Codes presently may be redeemed (provided you do so before they have been secured by others) is available at http://concerts.livenation.com/microsite/settlement.
  • Tickets purchased using Ticket Codes may be delivered at no charge at will call or by TicketFast. Any other form of delivery may subject you to an additional delivery charge.
  • Ticket Codes are NOT transferable.
  • Tickets may be claimed on a first come, first served basis. Once the “free tickets” made available for a specific event have been claimed, you will not be able to use your Ticket Codes to acquire tickets for that event.
  • To receive periodic notifications by email when new events for which Ticket Codes may be used are available, subscribe here: https://secure.gcginc.com/tkm/SubscriptionSignup.aspx. Please note that notifications regarding new events are not instantaneous. New events where Ticket Codes may be used will be added to the dedicated website frequently, but notification emails will be sent to subscribers only periodically. Ticket Code holders who are interested in attending popular events are encouraged to check the dedicated website frequently for new event listings.
  • Initially it is anticipated that Ticket Codes will need to be used on or before June 18, 2020 or they will be extinguished. Depending on the redemptions of benefit Codes and the distribution of tickets through that date, expiration of Codes may be extended for up to two years.
  • Ticket Codes are redeemable (for events where “free tickets” remain available) on the Ticketmaster website (www.ticketmaster.com or concerts.livenation.com). Please note they also are available for redemption on Ticketmaster’s mobile website (m.ticketmaster.com and www1.ticketmaster.com) but not on mobile apps (iOS or Android).
  • For any transactions where you elect to use a Ticket Code, you will be asked to input that Ticket Code on the Billing Page during the checkout stage of your transaction. For ease of use, we recommend that you cut and paste the Ticket Code(s) you intend to use in your browser or write them down as you start the purchase transaction so that they will be readily accessible to you at checkout.
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Didn't realize Ticketmaster is going by LiveNation now. Gotta love how all of the scummy companies with horrible reputations just change their names and keep on doing the same scummy stuff and hope nobody notices.

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30 minutes ago, Skoo said:

It's nice to see at first until you read the fine print. I got the max 17/17 plus 8 codes for $5 off UPS shipping. Maybe those will be useful at least.

How can you tell that you got 17/17/8 - forgot to check earlier, but my page right now only shows 17 of the $2.25 off coupons.  Or, was that the count before they took down the freebie ticket codes because there are no shows yet that you can use them for.

Pretty sure I would qualify for at least SOME freebie tickets considering that we hit 10+ shows a year.

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All of my free tickets are also gone, but I copied and pasted the entire list of codes into a text file, so I have all the codes.

Suck it, Ticketmaster!

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Welp, looks like we may be out of luck. :angry:


Ticketmaster rebates kick in today - whoop-dee-do (not)

Today is your mildly-lucky day, entertainment lovers, if you’re one of the 57 million class action “winners” in a major lawsuit who bought concert tickets through Ticketmaster’s website any time between October 21, 1999 and February 27, 2013.

But there’s no need to go buy everybody celebratory $11 beers, your next night out at a show.

The settlement terms of the decade old (plus) Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster lawsuit have only made the lawyers rich. Everyday ticket buyers are only guaranteed a small service fee discount when buying yet more concert tickets, as spelled out in an email you should have received by now. 

By entering a special code, class action participants will score a $2.25 cut on the Ticketmaster processing fee and a $5 discount on the UPS shipping of hard tickets. These discounts can be claimed up to 17 times, if you’d placed that many, separate ticket orders in the qualifying time period of the suit. Ticketmaster rebates can’t be summed, but up to two UPS rebate chits can be subtracted from one shipping charge.

 Potentially, class action “winners” could also wind up getting totally free tickets to a show sponsored by Ticketmaster’s parent company Live Nation, the concert giant which locally promotes at Festival Pier, TLA, the Tower, the Fillmore, BB&T Pavilion, and the Wells Fargo Center.

Yet here too, the victory is semi-hollow. Live Nation’s settlement burden to deliver tickets only opens up after a year, if, by then, class action “victors” haven’t claimed at least $10.5 million in rebates. And the concert promoter has “sole discretion” in deciding which shows it offers the freebies for, with roughly 100 availabilities per event (two tickets per code.) The odds of scoring free tickets to a really hot arena, summer shed or stadium show (think Brad Paisley, Adele, Billy Joel) aren’t any better than Chris Christie’s chances of winning the 100 yard dash at the Summer Olympics. The same terms also will prevail for two more years, with chits redeemable into 2020.

In agreeing to the settlement, Ticketmaster admitted to no wrong. The plaintiffs had argued that they were misled by website language into thinking that there was no profit involved in Ticketmaster’s processing fee, also didn't grasp that Ticketmaster was marking up the true cost of the UPS shipping. As if the order takers were doing it all out of the goodness of their collective heart.

The lawsuit was filed originally in 2003 when Ticketmaster was part of IAC/Interactive Corp. Live Nation bought the ticketing firm for $2.5 billion in 2009. Not incidentally, the lawyers who bought the class action have already walked away with $14.9 million in settlement cash and also earned a healthy (million dollar plus) donation for their favorite law school.

In another coupon settlement studied and written about by the Philadelphia-based law firm Duane Morris, only 20 percent of class members who received coupons actually used them.


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10 hours ago, Tiger Fan said:

I had 10 pairs of free tickets earlier this afternoon.  All gone now

back now


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Wow, actually impressed with the quality of the shows available.  They seem to only be in the biggest cities though

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37 minutes ago, Tiger Fan said:

Someone needs to figure out if we can sell these tickets on stubhub somehow


27 minutes ago, swirvenirvin said:

so no way to sort by state eh when looking for the free tickets.


Can we just get the free tickets and sell?




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The free vouchers are listed right with the $2.25's?  I have 17 $2.25's still, but don't see anything else.  Doesn't make much sense.


Scratch that, I reloaded the voucher page again and they are now all mixed in.  Weird.

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37 minutes ago, swirvenirvin said:

so no way to sort by state eh when looking for the free tickets.


Can we just get the free tickets and sell?



You can sort by location (city) which should help some. I sorted by location then did a "find" on my state.

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Hardly ever use Ticketmaster for anything, usually try the box office direct but even that has had TM attached in some venues. I never buy Marlins tickets thru them, so much easier to just walk up at the stadium, saves a lot of money. 

Glad so many of you are going to get some of it back, what crooks they were for so long and still are. 

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Seems like most of the shows are the summer outdoor amphitheatre circuit

Blink 182, Slipknot, Sublime, Goo Goo Dolls,  Steely Dan, Heart and Joan Jett among the few I can go to since they are relatively close

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So far so good! <_<

There are problems with your submission

  • We're sorry we were not able to redeem your voucher for the following reasons. Please refer to your voucher's conditions of use for further details.
    • Sorry, the voucher code you entered cannot be used to purchase these tickets. Please double check your code and try again.
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