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2016 Anarchy's Bastard Love Child League Thread


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Here is the link to the 2016 Anarchy's Bastard Love Child league thread
Draft starts Monday 8/15 @ 8 AM Eastern.

Here is the order for waiver claims and the results so far:

There It Is - No changes
Anarchy99 - Drops Franks, Andrew MIA PK and claims Lutz, Wil NOS PK
NCFF Commish - Drops Floyd, Malcolm FA WR and claims Hill, Tyreek KCC WR
Hail to the Victors - Drops Watson, Ben TE BAL and claims Doyle, Jack IND TE
Maggot Brain - No changes
Coordinator - Drops Abbrederis, Jared GBP WR and adds Enunwa, Quincy NYJ WR
bro1ncos - Drops Ellington, Bruce SFO WR and adds Lee, Marqise JAC WR
Biabreakable - Drops Spiller, C.J. FA RB and adds Richard, Jalen OAK RB
Snellman - No changes
BroadwayG - Drops Allen, Keenan SDC WR and adds Quick, Brian RAM WR
Arodin - Drops Cameron, Jordan MIA TE and adds Gresham, Jermaine ARI TE
Go DC Yourself - Drops Humphries, Adam TBB WR and adds Thielen, Adam MIN WR
Montana_grizzly_bears - No changes
BassNBrew - Drops Green, Ladarius PIT TE and adds Cadet, Travaris NOS RB
Stinkin' Ref - No changes
freeannyong - Drops Zenner, Zach DET RB and adds Dunbar, Lance DAL RB
Norseman - Drops Zuerlein, Greg LAR PK and adds Franks, Andrew MIA PK
Dork Matter - No changes
Grigs Allmoon - Drops Miller, Braxton HOU WR and adds Humphries, Adam TBB WR
ryheaps - No changes
Jason Wood - No changes
Crippler - No changes
jhexel - No changes
Real Men Of Genius - Drops Williams, Jonathan BUF RB and adds Uzomah, C.J. CIN TE
Mr. Irrelevant - Drops Ervin, Tyler HOU RB and adds Pitta, Dennis BAL TE
TheGrimReaper - Drops Gillmore, Crockett BAL TE and adds Cameron, Jordan MIA TE
eNdblu - No changes
Sinrman - Drops Gould, Robbie FA PK and adds Zuerlein, Greg LAR PK
Ben & Jerry's - No changes
BroncoFreak_2K3 - No changes
Duckboy - No changes
Borden - No changes

Franks, Andrew MIA PK
Floyd, Malcolm FA WR

Watson, Ben BAL TE
Abbrederis, Jared GBP WR
Ellington, Bruce SFO WR
Spiller, C.J. FA RB
Allen, Keenan SDC WR
Cameron, Jordan MIA TE
Humphries, Adam TBB WR
Green, Ladarius PIT TE
Zenner, Zach DET RB
Zuerlein, Greg LAR PK
Miller, Braxton HOU WR
Williams, Jonathan BUF RB
Ervin, Tyler HOU RB
Gillmore, Crockett BAL TE
Gould, Robbie FA PK

Lutz, Wil NOS PK
Hill, Tyreek KCC WR
Doyle, Jack IND TE
Enunwa, Quincy NYJ WR
Lee, Maqise JAC WR
Richard, Jalen OAK RB
Quick, Brian RAM WR
Gresham, Jermaine ARI TE
Thielen, Adam MIN WR
Cadet, Travaris NOS RB
Dunbar, Lance DAL RB
Franks, Andrew MIA PK, C.J> CIN TE

Humphries, Adam TBB WR
Uzomah, C.J. CIN TE
Pitta, Dennis BAL TE
Cameron, Jordan MIA TE
Zuerlein, Greg LAR PK

League rules (since people asked):

- 32 team league, 10 player rosters.  Slow draft, 320 total picks.
- Total points league, Weeks 1-21 (through the Super Bowl).  All players rostered count every week towards total points.
- No trades or weekly lineup submittals.
- 1 PPR for all positions.
- Mandatory roster requirements: 1 TMQB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1 DEF, 1 PK.
- Serpentine draft (Last pick of a round gets first pick of the following round . . . no more 3rd round reversal).
- Fumbles lost for all positions carry a -2 points penalty.
- XP and FG missed kicks carry a -1 point penalty.
- All FG made are worth 3 points plus 0.1 per yard beyond 30 yards.
- Defensive scoring is 2 points for each turnover forced, 1 point per sack, 6 points per D/ST TD, 2 points per safety.
- I believe the MFL system scores return TDs both for DEF/ST and for the individual player (if that player is on a roster).
- 2 points for players involved in a 2 point conversion.

For points allowed: 10 points for a shutout, 7 points for 1-3 points allowed, 5 points for 4-6 points allowed, 3 points for 7-13 points allowed, 2 points for 14-17 points allowed, 1 point for 18-21 points allowed, 0 points for 22-27 points allowed, -1 point for 28-30 points allowed, -2 points for 31-34 points allowed, -3 points for 35-41 points allowed, -7 points for 45-51 points allowed, and - 10 points for allowing 52 or more points.

For yardage allowed, 15 points for 150 or fewer yards allowed, 10 points for 151-200 yards allowed, 5 points for 201-250 yards allowed, 3 points for 251-300 yards allowed, 0 points for 301-350 yards allowed, -1 point for 351-400 yards allowed, -3 points for 401-450 yards allowed, -5 points for 451-500 yards allowed, -10 points for 501-550 yards allowed, and -15 points for 551 or greater yards allowed.

- AFTER NFL Week 1, each team will have the option to replace ONE PLAYER on his or her team (but only after the first game and before the second weekend of football).  Obviously teams can only replace a RB/WR/TE/PK.  No other roster moves beyond that.  Score for the new player from Week 1 WOULD COUNT.  Score from player dropped WOULD NOT count.  Teams can choose not to drop/add a player.

- Replacement picks would be make IN REVERSE ORDER of the first round of the draft (so team that has #32 pick gets option on first replacement pick).

- Each remaining team would get their shot at whoever was available in the player pool (including players dropped from other teams).

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I'm getting this error message on my roster page. I didn't get this message in leagues 2 or 6. Just wanted to make sure that, I hadn't screwed anything up. But I see that RBs aren't on there any more now so I guess I'm fine. 

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15 hours ago, BroncoFreak_2K3 said:

I think this draft has officially crashed....

I was worried I might mess up the draft by picking two kickers as I saw that I got McManus, but I didn't have time to pull all the other kickers out of my predraft list.

The kicker run is on... two more kickers drafted after me.. but no worries about it getting back to my other pick before I got back. :sleep:

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3 hours ago, BassNBrew said:

We need a timer turned on.   Current pick has been Orc for 15 hr  really can't blame anyone not checking in anymore when you pick every 4 th day

Night time hours wouldn't count even if the clock was turned on. Having a league with 32 owners is difficult. People near the turns have to wait a long time to pick. You only have 10 picks, so it should not be such an inconvenience to participate. 

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So that took a pretty long time.

My team for ABLC 2016

1.25     25.    Cooper, Amari OAK WR    I am pretty excited to see how much Cooper can improve on his rookie season.

2.08    40.    Saints, New Orleans NOS TMQB    In this format QB score a lot more than other positions and Brees is still one of the best QB around.

3.25    89.    Diggs, Stefon MIN WR    I felt a lot more optimistic about Diggs being the WR 1 for the Vikings before Teddy was injured.

4.08    104.    Thomas, Michael NOS WR    I love everything I have been hearing about this guy since the Saints drafted him. May end up being the player the Vikings should have drafted over Treadwelll.

5.25    153.    Seferian-Jenkins, Austin TBB TE    I was hoping he was past his issues with his head coach, but based on him playing all of the fourth preseason game, I have to wonder still.

6.08    168.    Booker, Devontae DEN RB    I think Booker will be plenty involved even if Anderson stays healthy all year, which to me seems iffy.

7.25    217.    McManus, Brandon DEN PK    As I see this team relying on defense and the running game, should be a lot of stalled drives and FG opportunities.

8.08    232.    Draughn, Shaun SFO RB    Needs to get healthy, but may get more playing time than we think as the 49ers will likely be chasing the score most weeks.

9.25    281.    Buccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB Def    Solid run defense last season, if they improve their pass defense I think they should be above average. Abberderis maybe should have been my pick here. The Bucs were the only defense I had ahead of him.

10.08    296.      Spiller, C.J. NOS RB I cannot seem to quit this guy and I kind of hate investing in the Saints backfield. As far as I know Hightower may play more than Spiller, but since this is PPR and almost pick 300 I think I could have done worse.

I do think this team has pretty high potential for extra playoff games with the Broncos. Saints and Vikings players being 60% of them. Vikings playoff chances have diminished without Teddy. There is an outside chance the Raiders make it and I do have two players from the Bucs should they improve their record a lot, but not really expecting them to make it.

In some ways this roster isn't that far off from some of my 16 team rosters, so I am liking my chances to do well with this group this season. I feel a bit more optimistic about it than the team I drafted last year. 

Thanks David for making this possible and good luck to everyone this year.

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1.19 Nelson, Jordy GBP WR (Q)-4  No brainer here outside of a brief consideration of Lamar Miller and Ty Hilton.  Probably the first league I've gotten him in as he usually goes early 2nd in 12 teamers.  Very high playoff probability.  251 projected points.

2.14 Baldwin, Doug SEA WR300.305  Was hoping Cobb or lacy would slip here so I could build a Packer based team.  Baldwin seemed like a nice consolation prize and as close to a playoff lock as there is.  Pre-drafted this pick.  202 projected points.

3.19 Gore, Frank IND RB193.4010  #### Stinkin Ref for swiping Woodhead the pick before who was one of the steals of the draft.  Knew RBs would be getting thin a felt Gore had a better chance for playoff points than anyone else in the tier.  The QBs have been picked clean and the WRs weren't looking much better.  Very high playoff probability.  173 projected points.

4.14 Seahawks, Seattle SEA Def214.005  Probably screwed the pooch here passing on Jennings or Funchess.  Seattle scored 214 pos lsat year in this format.  Should be more playoff points.  214 pts based on last year.

5.19 Ginn Jr., Ted CAR WR211.807  Ref got me again taking KC QB.  Nothing but turds left in the pool but Ginn is being overlooked this year.  Decent playoff potential.  122 projected points.

6.14 Michael, Christine SEA RB38.305  Felt like a gift here based on where he's been going in my other leagues.  3rd Seahawk out of six picks.  73 projected points.

7.19 Green, Ladarius PIT TE (I)107.908  I knew this pick would be a gamble but the week one free agent swap allows a gamble like this.  He'll get cut for someone else.  Was hoping to pair Jesse James up with him in the 8th but GO DC Yourself snagged him two picks before me.

8.14 Nugent, Mike CIN PK136.309  Decent kicker who didn't have camp competition.  Decent shot at the playoffs.  Let's pencil him in for the same its as last year 136.

9.19 Broncos, Denver DEN TMQB284.6011  I had been eyeing Denver QB for a couple of rounds.  Their defense gets them into the playoffs IMO.  Dodds has them projected for 290 pts which is nice this late int he draft.

10.14 Henry, Hunter SDC TE-11  Feel like a got a little lucky here.  Dodds has him at 98 pts and there's upside if Gates is injured.

Regular season projected points of 1559.  It should take 2000 points to win this league (1841 and 1950 won it the first two years) so where's that going to come from?  Nelson needs another 40 in the playoffs.  Baldwin has another 80 points in him between the playoffs and and Dodds being too low on him.  Gina is being under projected as he'll get a lot of playing time and should have less coverage on him this year, good for 40 more points.  Michael needs to a factor in the Seattle offense.  Doubling 378-3 and 75-0 is possible and nets another 73 points.  Will need 40 points from Gore in the playoffs.  That's 313 points or 1872.  Need to find 128 points on the wire after week one to replace Green and to reach the 2000 benchmark.  Last year there were 8 guys not acquired in this league that exceeded 128 points. 




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Tampa Bay TMQB - Should have some great weeks, then hoping for more of the average weeks than the bad weeks (<17 pt weeks) that Jameis had last year. 


 Sproles and Cunningham - Basically punted on RB and just grabbed a couple guys I thought had potential for 4-8 catches a week and 6-8TD's in an ideal sesaon.


Evans, Crabtree, Ellington, Royal - Loved stacking Evans with Jameis, but realize it is a sink or swim situation. Think Crabtree is a solid receiver that should have his predictable boring solid season especially as his QB gets better. Ellington - IR - Royal- tried to catch up some WR points with a guy that seems to put up points with Cutler, too bad it is only 4 games worth a year. 


Olsen - still like him as Cam's security blanket and another top 4 performance


Santos - big leg solid offense that should continue to struggle in redzone


49ers - weirder things have happened than them out performing their draft slot


Basically behind the 8-ball with an injury already, so need everyone else to over produce and stay healthy.

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So I really felt like some people, like me last year, didn't recognize the change in scoring in this league compared to the other Anarchy's.

No 2 PPR for TE...only 1

and....RB's do get PPR

1.18 Brandon Marshall WR NYJ: in a 32 team league there might be some advantage to being in the middle. Have to start 3 WR's so was leaning WR here...would have loved for Allen Robinson to make it here but no such luck. Marshall will be a good start, he has turned into one of my favorite football players, not necessarily fantasy football, but football period, I like how he has matured as a man. Pretty safe pick, playoffs.....eh...maybe.

2.15 Sammy Watkins WR BUF: pretty easy pick here as I was thrilled to see him available. 3 TE's went between my picks and I guess I can't argue with the picks themselves but this really isn't a league where a TE as your flex gives you some love and in a start 3 WR league I remembered last year how it got to be slim pickins at the end at WR. Might have sniffed Colts QB had they made it here.

3.18 Danny Woodhead RB SD: not really a big deal, but 6 more TE's went between my picks and guys like Woodhead are still available, he ####### finished as RB4 in this league last year. Over the years I have had some no brainier picks in some of these leagues, this might be at the top. And looking back, I really have no idea what direction I would have gone had he not been here. He probably won't finish top 5 again, but still felt like some pretty serious value here.

4.15 Rashad Jennings RB NYG: lol....5 more TE's go between my picks...liked adding a bell cow here in the 4th and felt I have solid core of 4 in a 32 team league....this seemed way different than last year for some reason...prolly cause I prolly had 2 TE's by this pick last year...will say I almost took Dorsett here but Jennings really was another no brainier for me here...now done at RB unless something crazy slides so can concentrate elsewhere.

5.18 KC Team QB: took a pretty long look at the board here...is it just me or does it always seem like no matter what league you are in the 5th round pick always feels like a make or break type of pick....well that wasn't really the case here, I just didn't see anything that knocked my socks off and I think KC has a shot at playoffs and Smith can run and is underrated IMO...think 3 TE's went in a row between picks...considered Jets QB and Mia QB....

6.15 Terrelle Pryor WR CLE: can't ignore what is going on here...might need shoulder surgery but this reach felt appropriate...crazy upside

7.18: Tyler Higbee TE LAR: so as I watched what was going on at TE throughout the draft, honestly my plan was to hope everybody blew their wad and then I would snag Virgil Green and ride off into the sunset....I waited a pick too long I guess and Pryor's upside was just too good to pass on in rond 6...but Higbee was my back up plan all along so had to pull the trigger here even tho I wanted Stills here....Higbee could be a stud

8.15: Tyrell Willams WR SD: like with Pryor, kinda swinging for the fences here with Williams and my flex spot, total upside pick here and really hoped I would be able to gain some ground here knowing I would maybe be losing it at PK and DST....

9.18 Nick Folk PK NYJ: I can live with this

10.15 Atlanta DST....uhhhhh.....sweet...?

gonna have to work you fools in regular season and hope to hang on...if I hit on Pryor/Williams/Higbee...look out

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