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29 minutes ago, El Floppo said:

Nailed it. And thanks... he'll be fine whatever happens and wherever he goes. I just want him to have some success with this to feel good about what was a long, difficult process.

A lot of public school parents in nyc are by most standards, wealthy. Own their home, cars, second home, etc. They could afford to send their kids to private but don't because these top public schools have performed quite well. I've talked to too many of these parents who are bailing for privates and parochial...or the suburbs.

Floppinho is an amazing student with near 100s across the board in grades and tests. More importantly he's an eager student- every teacher he's ever had loves his attitude, work ethic and contributions in class. He relishes teacher interaction and interviews well (he's done a lot of acting, which helps). He's a great musician, but I wouldn't call him a virtuouso (yet...hes only been at mallet instruments since middle school, not K) compared to some of the other kids at his school who are also applying to privates who are jaw-droppingly amazing musicians.

I genuinely think his fatal flaw is his parents. 


Just reading about all the times you gush about what an amazing kid he is enough for me to know he has amazing parents who have given him room to grow, and thrive.  I think he will be fine wherever he ends up - but I am wishing you and Flopinho the best!

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