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1-5 after my win this week.  I did it!         

Got clever and picked up Nick Folk since he won't have a bye ROS. Probably won't have a job ROS either, but thanks for the -1 you piece of ####.

The commercials between commercials - what the actual F Is the NFL thinking? everyone blaming players taking a knee, or dilution, or a zillion other things.  Between that and the barrage of

3 leagues; already in two finals and can make the third with Roethlisberger outscoring Ebron by 1 point.

I beat a 12 - 1 team, a team starting both Dalvin Cook and Derrick Henry and might beat a 2QB team starting Mahomes and Tannehill. 

I can thank Taysom Hill for keeping me alive and Jalen Hurts for getting me over the top when i lost Brees and Burrow.

DK Metcalf is only player on all three teams but had Hurts, Crosby and Ravens D on two teams each.

I'm psyched!



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In the Final of my IDP PPR Dynasty League this weekend and had huge days from L-Jax, Diggs, Hopkins and LB D.White. 

Am up 71 points going into MNF - Opponent has Big Ben, Juju and DE Hubbard

I have Conner (or Snell) and hope he doesn't get a lights out game from Big ben to win my 2nd consecutive Ship and 3rd in 4 years. 

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After all the agonizing over the last flex spot , it's slightly comforting to know that it wouldn't have made any difference.  

Unless Conner goes for 35+ tonight in which case I can kick myself for 8 months for running Curtis Samuel out there Saturday night.

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#1 seed bounced in the semi’s yet again. I got to play the 2nd highest scoring team (only I outscored him) that was the 5 seed because head to head records are luck.

Would have thrashed the other two teams easily of course, but my opponent put up his best week of the year.

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On 12/20/2020 at 8:10 PM, belljr said:

Scored 170 this week.   Which is pretty high.

I'm going to lose. Of course I would have crushed the other game 

So I actually scored 169.

I was up 3 pts going against Steelers D and Ebron.

Ebron goes out hurt. O pts 

Steelers D ... 2 sacks is 2 pts.   

Barring a stat correction I actually win?!

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11 hours ago, fightingillini said:

I feel for anyone that had to face Kamara, knowing that your title hopes are probably done after one game.  Go have a drink!

As a Kamara owner I never expected anything like this.  To rub salt in the wound I have Ebron and thought he might be out.  Only TE that was servicable available was Irv Smith so I picked him not expecting much up and he get 2 TDs and almost had a third.  Looks like I will be taking out the 1 seed in my league.

I I was knocked out of the playoffs by Clinton Portis when he scored 5 TDs in one game back in the day.  Ruined my weeked as  I was the 1 seed.

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18 hours ago, fightingillini said:

I feel for anyone that had to face Kamara, knowing that your title hopes are probably done after one game.  Go have a drink!

Drafting, working trades, managing your roster week after week dealing with the endless number of injuries, working around COVID issues, then getting to the playoffs and pouring over the matchups to set your best possible lineup - all that work rolled into a ball and fired into the sun over a three-hour period on Christmas Day. I can’t even be mad thanks to the absurdity of it all. 

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In two leagues, won the SB in one, but the third place game I won (barring stat corrections) is the one I will remember. 2 QB and I won by 1 point (no decimal scoring, other team had tiebreaker) without a TD scored across my entire team.

RB-Henry/A Jones/Jacobs

Won by 1 stinking point against

WR-Hill/Metcalf/M Williams/C Davis

Both outscored by every team in the league. Hell, my bench combo of Darnold/Gaskin/Gronk would have won.

Poor fella that lost...

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Second league, redraft at work.

Fifth year. First four finished 1, 2, 3, and 1. Now I'm in the championship game again and up about 24 points with BUF K Bass vs Cole Beasley. Could go either way.

Thanks fantasy Gods for all the luck. I've played long enough to know that's alot bigger factor than most. Also thanks to FBGs and all posters here for sharing info and advice over the years.

Hope you're all having luck in wrapping up your 2020 leagues as well as a Happy New Year and a much better 2021.

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Third-place game has a payout, and I wanted the win after a really crazy year where it felt like I was playing from behind since week 1. He had Rodgers going, and I countered with Adams. A "good" game wouldn't have been enough. To win, Adams would have needed the lion's share of that production.

He got it, I got the win and take home something for my troubles in 2020. I've won titles that were less satisfying. This season was a grind. It's nice to end on a positive and call it a good year. 

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0/2 in championship games this year.

1 was a blowout as he had Kamara,Evans and still has Diggs to go and I'm down 18+.

Other league was a rematch from last year which I lost by 2 points both times. In 17 years no team has lost back to back until now and previous lowest margin of victory was 5.6. So not only did I lose both I did it historically.

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I'm up by 50pts I have BUF Kicker and he has Cole Beasley.  So I like my odds. 

2QB dynasty:  QBs RWilson, Watson, Tua.    WR:  Hopkins, JJefferson, AJ Brown, CGodwin, Laviska, Reagor, Pittman JR, Boykin, Parris Campbell,   RB ZEKE, CHUBB, ROJo2, JKDobbins Akers, AJ Dillon, picked up JD McKissic for Elliott. TE:  Kelce, GOedert, Engram,  K Tyler Bass, CLE DEF, IDP Jaylon Smith, Roquon Smith. 

I beat Kamara owner in Week 15 thankfully even though he had Josh Allen.  Title game I beat Rodgers, Murray Henry owner as long as Beasley doesn't outscore kicker by 51pts.   Also. I have #9, #10, #11, #13 #19 overall draft picks. I don't have the roster space but I'll bundle and trade and swap 2022 picks so I can reload.    2019 I picked up AJ Brown off WW...This year I picked up  Jefferson, Akers, Reagor and Laviska  Pittman JR off waivers...I thought by Year 3 the other owners would catch on but not so far.   3 of those players were dropped by 1 guy.

I lost the title game last year.  I was stoked Dillon had a good night last night finally.  



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Lost the championship game. The Tannehill td run did me in. 
also was in easy reach of the 25+ years old league most points scored in a season record. Came up short on that too. 

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Total points league that plays thru week 17.....pretty big money

I'm up by a very small amount going into the week...

The second place guy has Brady, AB, Ravens D, amongst others...

He's up on me pretty big going into afternoon games...I didn't even check and thought I was pretty much toast!..I have Henry, Taylor, Waller, and Rams D......the yardage bonuses for my RB's gave me the win by 7 points!.....and I mean 7 points total adding up the week 1-17!  What a crazy day!

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Won my 17 year 12 team PPR Dynasty. I was the 5th seed out of 6 and we got hot at the right time. This was probably my favorite title. Why?

I beat the #1 seed in the semifinals and beat the #2 seed in the Super Bowl. And how did I win the Super Bowl?

Michael freaking Gallup. Had to plug him in for Jarvis Landry and it was a blessing in disguise. I ended up winning by 15 points. 30 point game from Gallup was HUGE!!!!. 

My 2020 Roster:

QB - Lamar Jackson

QB - Drew Lock

QB - Mitchell Tribusky 

RB - Dalvin Cook

RB - Miles Sanders

RB - Kenyan Drake

RB - Mike Davis

RB - Phillip Lindsay

RB - Jamal WIlliams

WR - Julio Jones

WR - Chase Claypool

WR - Michael Gallup

WR - John Brown

WR - Cole Beasley

WR - Jarvis Landry

WR - Parris Campbell

WR - Hunter Renfro

WR - Demarcus Robinson

TE - Darren Waller 

TE - Devin Asiasi

DEF - Bucs

Team Kicker  - Titans


Incredible season. Was two game above 500......and then went on a post season rampage. Cook and Waller were my rocks. But Lamar finally turned it on. Beasley was clutch in the semis.....just different guys stepping up. Mike Davis helped me out a lot early in the season. I used all my bidding bucks on him after week one. It paid off.


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