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Trade help please.



10 team, PPR League. Bonus pts @ 300 yds passing, 100 yds receiving and 100 rds rushing.

My roster 

QB- Rodgers, Rivers

WR- OBJ, M. Evans, J. Landry, J. Gordon, M. Floyd, T. Benjamin, M. Thomas

RB- M. Ingram, G. Bernard, A. Abdullah, B. Powell

TE- Kelce 

I feel I'm solid at all positions, except RB. My question that I need help with, is which WR, if any, should I try to trade for a RB upgrade. Should I try and sell high on Benjamin? Should I try to get something for J. Gordon?  Waiver wire is slim and I'm 5th this week so I will miss out on anything worth while. Or should I sit tight?

Considering going after Eddie Lacey, Ryan Matthew's, and maybe D. Freeman. 

Any suggestions or ideas would be great. Thanks

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Hey! Assuming you start 2 Rbs 2 WRs and a flex? 

If I had that many WRs I would package Bernard plus Benjamin/Evans or Gordon for a targeted Rb.  I would try to hold Landry due to his catch volume in PPR. 

You mentioned some backs above. I really did not like them in a trade for PPR. You got any other targets? 

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Right now is a difficult time (when isn't?) to trade for an RB because so many people just lost Stewart, AP, woodhead, Foster, Abdullah, etc. to injury, Charles and Bell aren't back yet, Gurley and Ingram are underperforming, blah blah blah.  RBs are looking bleak for most people in fantasy right now.  

There may be one or two owners who have an excess at RB and are willing to lose that depth.  But it'll probably take somebody like Mike Evans to pull it off.  I don't see a Benjamin/Gio package getting you a Lacy/Freeman/Mathews type RB.  But you've got the WR depth to do an Evans for Lacy type deal.  

I would try and do a 2 for 2, where you do something like Gio + Evans for Lacy + WR, where the WR you get back is something like Crabtree, or Diggs, or Shepard. 

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