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Would you pick up Eifert?



Someone in my league dropped Eifert to the WW.  How crucial an add would you say he is?

My team is as follows:

QB: Joe Flacco, Tom Brady

WR: Brandon Marshall, Jarvis Landry, Michael Floyd, Michael Thomas

TE: Gary Barnidge

RB: Ezekiel Elliott, C.J. Anderson, Spencer Ware, Justin Forsett, Devontae Booker, Alfred Morris


I'm thinking I'll aim to drop Barnidge and Forsett and try to pick up Pitta and Eifert (Prioritizing Eifert) - Am I giving up on Barnidge too quickly?  Should I drop my CJ handcuff (Booker) and keep Forsett?  Is Eifert going to be useless all year?  Feel like this one is easy to overreact on, would love a second opinion.


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I dropped Barnidge for Pitta this week in a league.  (I also have Bennett on the bench). My thinking is that we have no idea what Kessler will do in Cleveland, whether or not he'll use Barnidge, and Cleveland actually has some decent WRs now with Coleman, Pryor, and Gordon due to come back in a couple weeks.  Barnidge is lower on the pecking order...and in reality Barnidge is in that middle tier of TEs like so many others, where they might have a good game, might not.  Taking a chance on Pitta re-emerging in Baltimore.  Flacco loves him, they have great chemistry, he gets a lot of targets and he's healthy.  

I wouldn't worry about Eifert just yet.  Byes will start hitting, injuries are happening, people will be needing to free up roster spots just to field a complete team, and you'll be able to get Eifert later. 

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