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Capella's 24-hour, VERY bigly OH MY GOD HOW DID WE GET HERE thread


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Just now, Northern Voice said:

The government of Canada also tweeted this at 10 PM. Holy subtweet.


In Canada, immigrants are encouraged to bring their cultural traditions with them and share them with their fellow citizens.

How many people do they have that have illegally entered Canada. Seems easy for them to say since nobody wants to actually go there.

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Just now, GroveDiesel said:

It's pretty amazing just how far in the bag CNN has gone for Clinton in this election. Their entire discussion is about Hillary and her path to winning.

This election really is unreal. Both parties have done their best to destroy us all. Nicely done America. Screw you Republican voters. Screw you Democrat voters.

Its almost like they're trying to determine if the race is over yet

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Just now, Bucky86 said:

Thank god I'm no longer draft age.


Might have to get a bone spur or something.

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Just now, ffldrew said:

Lot's of family facebook posters are praising Jesus right now 

Jesus is as Jesus does.  I don't mind Jesus and am fine with the family members....

except the one that's had three abortions and has thrown her hat behind Trump because this country is going to hell.  That one, I don't quite understand. 

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2 minutes ago, hxperson said:

So glad this is not our problem.   While it probably hurts us on trade in the near term, I think its ultimately good for Canada's standing that all of these major countries (UK, now U.S., and likely Germany next) committing global relations/economic suicide.

Yeah, we just need to keep Kevin O'Leary the hell away from a political run. 

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