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Capella's 24-hour, VERY bigly OH MY GOD HOW DID WE GET HERE thread


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1 minute ago, urbanhack said:

how bad did it lose?  Haven't seen the numbers yet. At least medical is going strong and gaining momentum there.

Still early but down 6 points. 

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1 minute ago, bostonfred said:

House, senate, president and supreme court for 2 years plus of some of the most right wing reps and a wildcard president.  Could be massive changes in store.


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1 minute ago, JaxBill said:

So how much of this is Obama backlash?

Honestly, very little.

It's become very obvious that Trump's strategy of trashing NAFTA, TPP, and putting himself in the shoes of blue collar Americans has paid off big.  If nothing else this, if it holds, has turned out to be an absolutely brilliant strategy from Trump.  He hit a big nerve here.

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2 minutes ago, Don't Toews Me said:

Trump passing game>Hillary ground game


Trump air game.

Hillary people way overplayed their delusional hand that they had a candidate that could win.  We joked about how lucky she was that Trump was her opponent, with the thought he was the only candidate she'd beat.  


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3 minutes ago, Willie Neslon said:

Should be celebrating a Bernie landslide.  Thanks Tim. Thanks Squis. Thanks Gunz. What a shocker people didn't rally around the most uninspiring candidate in history.

Thank the DNC, CNN, and the rest of the media that engineering an HRC primary.

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Just now, Doctor Detroit said:

Dow futures down 700!  Make America Great again, but kill the working man's 401k! 

Trump voters don't have 401k's.

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