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9 hours ago, lumpy19 said:

New England -2.5 -125(-110 is available if you look around)

NE off a loss and SF off a big division win.  NE back home and SF travelling across the country.  Niners with lots of injuries, I really like NE in this spot.  Sets up perfectly for BB to win an ugly ugly game.

Nailed it

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9 minutes ago, lumpy19 said:

Nailed it

tailed it myself.....sounded good :shrug:. Saving it for the 2nd half i'm hoping. Might start with getting more than 10 yards passing for a half, i decided to bench James Robinson for White thinking he would be used more. 

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If anyone wants to light some money on fire Paddy Harrington to be first round leader tomorrow.  Should be able to get 80-1

Good short track player.  Great in wind.  He flew over here to play when he could have just stayed home.  He’s the very first golfer out at 6:30 AM on a day when the wind is really going to pick up.

Far from a lock, straight gamble.

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I'm in love with Julio tonight, got some o5.5 -165, o6 -110, o73.5 yards and score a TD +125

I'll be drinking away my sorrows when he leaves the game early in the 1Q after some type of hamstring injury

DJ Moore 1st TD +1100

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9 hours ago, Courtjester said:

Rain and wind for the game tonight--part of the hurricane coming through is what the weather forecast says. So I was firm on the over, but with this news, may consider the under.

Good call.  I don't think it was the weather as much as general crappery of the teams, but still.  I'm a loser.

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