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*** OFFICIAL *** FFA WAGERING THREAD - Merry Christmas!!!

The Ref

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So one of my best high school buds named Russ got sworn in as a GA state senator today, guess i'm old as hell now.


Taking the over tonight, but that's what I do.

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2 minutes ago, jamil said:

I'd feel much better giving em out if somebody would tell us how fields feels. Can't be running too much tonight right?


I like wilson overs and sermon receiving overs.

Also ain't no ####in way he's running right?

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Never seen this before. I took Texas/Texas Tech Over 130.5 tonight. The game's flying over (went to HT at 86) but William Hill offered me 100% cash out with 3 minutes left in the 1st half. I mean there's only like a 20% chance of it losing but why pay me out 100% as if it won that early? Heck I took it, you never know anything can happen

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27 minutes ago, TheGooRoo said:

I haven't crunched any numbers but I feel like Michael Thomas overs are good.

16 mph winds, 30 mph gusts in Buffalo...under 3.5 fg, under 46 yard longest fg good?  Or hold off for now?

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