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*** OFFICIAL *** FFA WAGERING THREAD - Merry Christmas!!!

The Ref

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Smith under 35 Pa attempts -115 - bookmaker

Smith under 23.5 -125 - Bovada

Kelce under 69.5 -115 sb.ag good down to 60.5

Kelce under 5.5 +115 sb.ag

Maclin under 4 -115 Bovada

Maclin under 49.5 - Bovada good down to 44ish

Hill under 4.5 -115 sb.ag

Hill under 49.5 -115 sb.ag good down to 44

Murray under 67.5 - 115 Bovada good down to 60

Crabtree under 5.5 -115 5dimes

Crabtree under 66.5 -115 bookmaker good down to 60

Cooper -10 vs Kelce -115 5dimes

Ware -16.5 vs Murray -115 - 5dimes

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I also played Jok over 20.5p even though I hate playing college players with points that high. There are going to be a ton of shots in this game and he loves to shoot, and Iowa state gives up a lot of threes and he loves threes more than he loves your mom. I wish he wasn't lined on shot attempts instead, but here we are. 

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1 minute ago, facook said:

You best google alternative unis for every game from now on.

It shouldn't really matter that much but for a team to go from a white and red uniform with a dinosaur at halfcourt.


To a basic blue uniform with a white, unintimidating dog at halfcourt? That's a disgrace. Their opponents are wearing white on the road, so stupid.

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One month as a break from the orphanage they sent me to Jay Novacek football camp. We had helmets and shoulder pads, and when it rained we had to practice in the parking lot, but one day Alfredo Roberts and Nate Newton showed up in Nate's Mazda Miata. And from that day on I knew that anything was possible.

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