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*** OFFICIAL *** FFA WAGERING THREAD - Merry Christmas!!!

The Ref

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3 minutes ago, ChainsawU said:

Del Rio:
25-9-1 ATS at your house on SU revenge
11-4 ATS with same-season SU revenge
and 7-0 ATS at your house with same-season SU revenge

Literally translated his name means "of the river" thank you.

Actually his. FULL name means "masturbate in the river."  Credit to @pftcommenter.

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14 minutes ago, The Busy, The Tired said:

All that matters is if you're making money, holmes. :thumbup:


I used to worry about people in this thread thinking I'm awesome, now I just care about my bank account.

More fun to make money for people, since many of them have made me money.

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aw don't b $hy baby. seriously though, how do you do zero points in the 1Q, zero points in the 3Q, and zero points in the 4Q, and still win the game. how do you do 21 points in the 2Q to begin with. three touchdowns in the 2Q and then you're done. YO - what took you so long. and then three total points by both teams in the 2H. my bad and I'm sorry, but I'd rather have listened to a woman under a blanket tell me about her past for three hours. her dark past. which actually happened. and we also watched the R-rated movie called Risky Business (1983) because she must have been raised in a convent or not old enough to have known what that is thank you. link

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I miss everything. But the thing that pulls my strings the most is the lack of Nascar wins providing me my Blooming Onions for free. That's the swear word I use. "Bloomin' Onion" this "Bloomin' Onion" that. To each and every one of my family and friends - to innocent bystanders trying to calculate my blood pressure. Well I'll be a (you know what). I'd tell you what else they do in Australia but you do not want to know. And I don't know.

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Alright I got one for you. Call me on the phone. Landline. So I can pick it up while I am in my hot tub and you are in bed with three women. Three women in lingerie - one of which now has to pee and leaves the room because the phone rang. You're forty pounds overweight and black. And we, both of us, have airplane tickets to Los Angeles. What time is it.

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