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Home.  Some 40 hours later and the kid is basically back to normal.  Amazing.  She'll move up to Orlando for a few months for the radiation treatment with the Mrssus but for her the scary part is over

Well dudes, interesting update!  My wife and daughter surprised me today, told me they were a comin home 10 days early and would be here within the hour.  The tumor is now so small that he wants to ho

Well dudes, we're not sure what is next....but tonight Izzy takes her last chemotherapy treatment.  We'll go up in a few weeks to take a peek in her skull to see 'sup...but for tonight - we celebrate.

22 minutes ago, jamil said:

#1 Clemson #2 ND #3 Georgia #4 bama?

Close enough...UGA 2 or 3 and Bama 4 so this game isn't rematched until the championship game.  Sigh.  (It's a good game, and they probably are the 2 best teams...I'm just so tired of Alabama.)

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14 minutes ago, facook said:

Does Ohio St get deflated and come out flat? Or does Urban convince them they still have a chance?  I'm on NW.

I lean the latter, they'll come out firing hanging onto them vs OU for #4. Better than UGA winning annually.

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22 minutes ago, mquinnjr said:

I lean the latter, they'll come out firing hanging onto them vs OU for #4. Better than UGA winning annually.

I agree with this part.  Probably better for everyone, unless UGA stays #4 and we get a rematch of this game in 4 weeks.  :yawn: 

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@lumpy19 - nice call on those total earlier in the week relative to line movement - feels good to be on the right side of an early week bet for once!

This feels like a dog Sunday - Woof woof!


Car/TB U 52.5
Den/Cincy O 44.5
AZ/GB U 40.5

May add more later. GLTA   AB


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Julio u7.5

Lamar o65.5(this is my favorite bet every week)

Coleman u46.5 rush

Brown u3

Snead u3

Smith u16.5 rush


Mixon u73.5

Boyd u5.5 and u60.5

Driskel o19.5 rush

green u5.5


u55 game

Stafford u274.5

Blount o42.5

Golloday o5.5


MVS u44.5

Rodgers u270.5

Graham u3


Buf +5

Tannehill u220.5

Tannehill u1.5td

Allen o33.5 rush

Allen u17.5comp u29.5 att

Jone u3

Still u3.5


Eli u270.5

barkley u67.5

arob u51.5

shepard u4.5 and u46.5

burton o3


Dj Moore u65.5 u5.5 and u5

Samual u3.5

Olsen o3.5

Evans o5.5

Barber u53.5 rush

Winston yes int -190


Hyde u10.5 rec

Ebron o4 and u55.5(fun)

luck u25.5 comp and u39.5 att


Chubb u84.5

Landry u5.5 and u54.5

Hopkins u7 and u6.5

Callaway o34.5

Higgins u25.5

Watson u30.5 att

Njoku o4


u56 game

Cook o38.5

Richard o4.5 rec

Hill and Kelce o6


Davis o4


michel u69.5

Cook o41.5

Gronk o58.5

Brady o23.5 comp and 37.5 att

rudolph u4

cousins o1.5 td



u237.5 u242.5 u32.5att, u1.5td, u20.5 comp


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9 hours ago, gussy said:

Have a futures bet on ND to win the playoffs at 38-1

I have nothing on any of the other playoff teams. Any ideas on how best to hedge?

Bet Bama 9 months ago

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