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*** OFFICIAL *** FFA WAGERING THREAD - Merry Christmas!!!

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Home.  Some 40 hours later and the kid is basically back to normal.  Amazing.  She'll move up to Orlando for a few months for the radiation treatment with the Mrssus but for her the scary part is over

Well dudes, interesting update!  My wife and daughter surprised me today, told me they were a comin home 10 days early and would be here within the hour.  The tumor is now so small that he wants to ho

Well dudes, we're not sure what is next....but tonight Izzy takes her last chemotherapy treatment.  We'll go up in a few weeks to take a peek in her skull to see 'sup...but for tonight - we celebrate.

posted last yr was successful 

favorites getting less than 40% or 70% 


Fade Ranked Teams

What do recreational bettors know about the Servpro First Responder Bowl between No. 25 Boise State and Boston College? Not much, other than the Broncos being ranked. Top 25 teams will receive a disproportionate number of bets from the public just because they are ranked.

In early betting (see live odds here) a majority of spread tickets are on Boise State. Oddsmakers know casual bettors will wager on Top 25 teams and inflate their lines accordingly.

In bowl games, betting against ranked teams has gone 165-155-3 (51.6%) against the spread (ATS) since 2005. It has been more profitable to fade ranked team when they face an unranked opponent: 49-39-1 (55.7%) ATS.

Games that match (based on the AP Poll):

Arizona State (+4) vs. No. 19 Fresno State – Dec. 15

Houston (+3) vs. No. 22 Army – Dec. 22

Boston College (+2.5) vs. No. 23 Boise State – Dec. 26

Northwestern (+7) vs. No. 20 Utah – Dec. 31

Oklahoma State (+7.5) vs. No. 24 Missouri – Dec. 31

NC State (+4.5) vs. No. 21 Texas A&M – Dec. 31

Iowa (+6.5) vs. No. 18 Mississippi State – Jan. 1

Bad ATS Teams Are Good Bets

Washington State (10-2 ATS), Georgia Southern (9-3 ATS) and Florida International (9-3 ATS) were three of eight teams to cover the spread in nine or more games this season. Each is receiving a majority of spread tickets in their respective bowl games.

Casual bettors remember the teams that consistently covered and chase those results. Unfortunately, teams that have covered the spread in 70% or more of their games have gone 53-66-2 (44.5%) ATS in the postseason.

Instead of wagering on teams that have covered, bettors should target bad ATS teams. Teams that have struggled to cash tickets during the regular season usually receive little public support, and that is a mistake. In bowl games, it has been profitable to bet on teams with a bad ATS record in the regular season.

This system is more profitable when the opponent has a .500 or better ATS record. Since 2005, bad ATS teams have gone 22-12-1 (64.7%) ATS when facing a team that has covered the spread in at least 50% of their games.

Games that match:

North Texas (4-8 ATS) +8.5 vs. Utah State (9-3 ATS) – Dec. 15

San Diego State (3-8 ATS) +3 vs. Ohio (7-5 ATS) – Dec. 19

Western Michigan (4-8 ATS) +12 vs. BYU (8-4 ATS) – Dec. 21

Wake Forest (4-8 ATS) +5 vs. Memphis (8-5 ATS) – Dec. 22

TCU (4-8 ATS) pick’em vs. Cal (6-5-1 ATS) – Dec. 26

Analyzing Coaching Trends, Mismatches and History in College Football Bowl GamesRead now

Unpopular Underdogs

Casual fans like wagering on favorites. In bowls games, the chalk has received a majority of spread tickets in 351 of 463 (75.8%) games since 2005. Oddsmakers anticipate this and will shade the line leading to value on underdogs.

All underdogs have gone 239-218-6 (52.3%) ATS in bowl games since 2005 and dogs receiving less than 50% of bets have gone 187-160-4 (53.9%) ATS. In lopsided bet games, when the public loads up on a favorite, it has been even more profitable to wager on the underdog:

Since 2005, underdogs receiving less than 30% of spread tickets have covered the spread 64.8% of the time (35-19-1 ATS). Seven dogs are currently receiving less than 30% of bets this bowl season (get live percentages here).

Games that match:

Northern Illinois (+2.5) vs. UAB – Dec. 18

Houston (+3) vs. Army – Dec. 22

Minnesota (+3.5) vs. Georgia Tech – Dec. 26

Michigan State (+3) vs. Oregon – Dec. 31

Iowa (+6.5) vs. Mississippi State – Jan. 1

Kentucky (+6.5) vs. Penn State – Jan. 1

Texas (+11.5) vs. Georgia – Jan. 1

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It's Bowl Saturday.  Here are the plays to fade for today:

NC A & T -7 120

Tulane -3.5

North Texas +7.5 (earlier in week)

Fresno -4 (earlier in week)

Eastern Mich +3 (I HATE this play....so probably my only winner)

MTSU +7 -120


Also teased Texans/Browns

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Darnold	over	31.5	pa atmo	-115
Hopkins	over	5.5	receptions	-150
McGuire	over	2.5	receptions	-160
Jordan Thomas	under	14.5	receoving	-114
Watson	under	19.5	compoletions	-115
Herndon	over 	32.5	receiving	-115
Miller	under	15.5	receiving	-115
Miller	under	2.5	receptions	-130
Watson	under	31.5	pa atmp	-115
McGuire	under	50.5	rushing	-115


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4 hours ago, facook said:

It's Bowl Saturday.  Here are the plays to fade for today:

NC A & T -7 120 

Tulane -3.5

North Texas +7.5 (earlier in week) 

Fresno -4 (earlier in week)

Eastern Mich +3 (I HATE this play....so probably my only winner)

MTSU +7 -120


Also teased Texans/Browns

Ofer 2...

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Chubb	over	2.5	receptions	-145
Chubb	under	79.5	rushing	-115
Mayfield	over	255.5	passing	-120
Landry	over	4.5	receptions	-130
Tim Patrick	over	29.5	receving	-150
Hamilton	over	3.5	receptions	115
Hamilton	over	35.5	receiving	-125
Sutton	under	3.5	receptions	-130
Patrick	over	3.5	receptions	-115
Mayfield	over	21.5	completions	-115
Chubb	under	81.5	rushing	-115
Keenum	under	21.5	completions	-115


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