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***Chicago Bears Thread*** Perennial failure. Ownership counting the money.

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15 minutes ago, mbuehner said:

Thats what hes known for. If nothing else he need to break up the int possibility. Cant wait for the ball to come to him there.

he wasn't waiting for the ball he was going down field at top speed and his QB underthrew it by about 5 yards. We'll have to disagree here.

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I think this next game against the Dolphins is going to tell us a lot about the Bears. Having the bye week, they SHOULD come out with another great game plan and run over Miami. But theyre a young team, and it wouldnt be surprising if they lost some focus during the break and came out flat. Thats not the end of the world, but would pump the breaks on just how ready they are for the big time. Hopefully they pick up were they left off, of course, and I think that would say a lot about the coaching and team leadership.

Mitch was obviously lights out, but man the O-line kept him clean against Tampa. Theres no way Miami lets him stand back there and pick them apart. It will be interesting to see if the lights really went on for him. Finding the right guy and putting touch on his passes made all the difference. Lets see if he can do it under duress.

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4 minutes ago, mbuehner said:

Mack has been dropping back in coverage A LOT today. Confusing.

That's Vic, man. Won't play man coverage. If he's not getting pressure, he still won't blitz. Keep this game in mind when thinking about Vic being one of the best in the business. 

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