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***Chicago Bears Thread*** Perennial failure. Ownership counting the money.

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2 minutes ago, flapgreen said:

I think the Bears would lose all leverage if the Browns take Trubisky and the 49ers take Garrett.  Now if Browns stick with Garrett and 49ers take another defensive player, the Bears are in a great spot. 

What I meant is that if they take Trubisky then a great defensive player falls to the Bears if they want one.  It gives the Bears slightly better odds at getting Garrett.  If the Browns take Garrett and the Niners don't take Trubisky then the Bears have some leverage.

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1 hour ago, travdogg said:

If the Browns take Trubisky, what do you think it would cost to trade up to #2 for Garrett. 

I'd be happy giving a 2nd rounder in 2018, maybe this year even.

400 points. Equivalent to the 50th pick in draft.  Pace wouldn't do it. Sounds like the Trubisky talk was just noise at 1.

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1 minute ago, William Munny said:

Ok Flap... What pick will make your head explode?

I think we're in good shape. I'm not crazy about Thomas or Lattimore but they definitely wouldn't be disasters. Watson, Adams or Allen would be glorious.

Head explode? I'm not sure anyone in the running would do that.  If they don't take Watson, trade down, or take Thomas, I won't be happy, though.  Another pass rusher in Thomas is the way to go if they don't take a qb or trade down. A good safety is not going to make that big of an impact and a waste at 3 imo. An elite pass rusher to pair with Floyd and Hicks would be a huge addition and completely change the face of the D.

With that said, nothing else matters if they don't get a qb. Won't matter how great the D is. I can't get myself to believe Pace is betting his career on freaking Mike Glennon. The Bears are one injury away from Mark Sanchez being the qb. Think about that. 


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Just now, drizzle said:

Seriously, even if they couldn't big friggen deal. Plenty of better prospects available

Oh I agree.  But 4 decent picks for one spot.  So dumb.  Could have traded back farther and made picks and still got this QB.  Wtf are they doing

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The pick I am neutral about but gave up too much - no 3rd or 4th round picks is huge.  Feels like the movie Draft Day where Costner is expected to "make a splash".

Maybe trade down a bit in the 2nd to get one of those picks back?


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  • flapgreen changed the title to ***Chicago Bears Thread*** Perennial failure. Ownership counting the money.

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