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***Chicago Bears Thread*** Why?

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Good analysis by Baldinger. 

.@ChicagoBears @Mtrubisky10 making the kind of “sophomore “ jump that most teams only dream about. The talent that they have brought in is all paying dividends . It’s only 6 games but it sure feels like #Bears are doing things right even after a painful loss. #BaldysBreakdowns https://t.co/PT1zoGENk7

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On 10/14/2018 at 11:53 PM, Stuart Ullman said:

I'm going to remember this game when we miss the playoffs by one game.

Correct me if I am wrong....

Osweiller 1st game as a Bronco - beat the bears, 1st game as a texan - beat the bears, 1st game as a dolfin - beat the bears....

Crazy as it sounds, he has the bears number, everyone, or every team has their kryptonite...I'm just shocked it's Osweiller....


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15 hours ago, flapgreen said:

Leonard Floyd was fined a total of $30,080 for his two fouls from Miami - $10,026 for the takedown of Danny Amendola and $20,054 for hitting Brock Osweiler.

Leonard Floyd really roughed up the passer on this flagged play. https://t.co/MFGm2KiIjF

That's f-ing crazy. I know they will flag that as the have been flagging a hand glancing the QB helmet for years, never seen them fine for it though. New level of stupid.

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I'm excited for today, get to play a for real team. I actually don't think the offense played that bad last week despite some bad individual mistakes that prevented us from winning.

I think we can put some points up this game and don't think we are going to let the pats run away with this uncontested.

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1 minute ago, RBM said:

This is going to be ugly. 

If this is the same ol' Bears, we'll find out today. Their 2 losses this year say it is.  The old Bears would roll over here and get blown out. If they keep it close, we'll have a lot to be optimistic about. 

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  • flapgreen changed the title to ***Chicago Bears Thread*** Why?

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