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42 minutes ago, RedmondLonghorn said:

Haven't done one of these in a while.

I fired up my 80s playlist on Spotify this morning. A few gems came up almost immediately on Shuffle:

Mandinka - Sinead O'Connor

:thumbup: One of the most underrated songs of that decade.

In honor of the OP, I'm gonna restrict my iTunes surfing to Aussie bands:

INXS - Listen Like Thieves

Men at Work - Overkill

Icehouse - Electric Blue

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2 minutes ago, Reg Lllama of Brixton said:

Probably the best "hidden gem" of the 80s

Screaming Blue Messiahs "Gun Shy" album

Holiday Head

nice- I was such a music nerd back then... but even after all this time, never heard of this one. like big country and the godfathers adopted a kid. 

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2 minutes ago, Reg Lllama of Brixton said:

They did get some MTV airtime with their crappy, novelty throwaway "I wanna be a flintstone".  

I left for college in 86- the same year that song appears to have come out. I missed a lot of stuff- MTV, news, life... during those years. 

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3 minutes ago, RedmondLonghorn said:

I recognize the names of about one out of five bands you mention.


I was buried into record racks as a kid in those years.. and listenting to nothing but local college radio. those are all- in my mind- "big" songs from decent sized bands. eta: let me know if any in particular float your boat... I'll try to come up with more that are similar.

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1 minute ago, RedmondLonghorn said:

Criminally underrated new wave band.

Well, their three songs I know are really good anyway.

Life's What You Make It - Talk Talk

love talk talk- yeah, really underrated. some good moody "deep" stuff after they got going with those initial more pop albums.

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4 minutes ago, Leroy Hoard said:

Early OMD, 2nd song on their 2nd album.


favorite band from like 1981-83. great song, that. IIRC, there was a uk version of that album that was set up differently than the us version... maybe a couple different songs too?

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Mission of Burma-Academy Fight Song -brings me instantly back to HS

The Swingers-Counting the Beat-la da dee  la da dee la da da da da

John Foxx-Underpass-cold synth coolness

The Professionals-Just Another Dream-2 Pistols +a member from Subway Sect

The Atlantics-Lonely Hearts-have no idea how they never hit it big. High energy 

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