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PSA: Resumonk.com is pretty awesome

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I haven't had an up-to-date resume in years, but I saw a job that I wanted to apply for yesterday on LinkedIn and figured I would try to put one together.

My LinkedIn profile is current and detailed. I figured out that you can download your profile details into a PDF right from LinkeIn, but it looks like crap. It is poorly formatted and mine stretched out for 3 pages or so.

So after a very quick Google search I discovered Resumonk.com. All you do is upload your LinkedIn PDF to the Resumonk website and it puts it into one of four pre-canned formats. (I think you can get others if you subscribe and pay for the service). Then you can edit the content of each field, mess around with ordering and formatting, etc..

In less than 30 minutes I had a resume that looked great and contained all of the stuff I wanted from my LinkedIn profile.

The premium service looks like it has a lot of nice features (saving different versions for different kinds of opportunities, creating quick cover letters, etc.) but since I am not in a full-blown search mode, I didn't really need them.


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