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The Great Wall (no, this has nothing to do with Trump)


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So saw this Matt Damon driven action movie.  Now, I went in with low-expectations and let's just say if it wasn't $5 movie day, I would have been really disappointed.

Thread bare plot that wastes zero time getting to the point. If you liked the massive siege scenes in LOTR you will not be disappointed in the large action battles.

Painful dialogue---I mean wow, some of the lines I was like that was dumb even for Matt Damon. Worse yet, Damon can't settle on an accent, It was like a Scottish Brogue at the beginning and then I think it was like Australian at one point and then finally just was Matt Damon's normal  voice. Don't get me wrong, I like Damon as Bourne, but this was Damon from Team America level here.

You can tell they rewrote this movie a couple times because they were really concerned about how it would play in China. I saw the producers didn't want the great white guy coming to save the poor Chinese people angle and so you can see scenes where that comes into play.

Mindless action movie that looks to be just right as a Redbox rental.

Now, the new Kong movie is something I am excited for....:thumbup:

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