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FFA Bored Games - Survivor: Fleece Island - Podium Results

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On 5/12/2017 at 10:46 AM, hagmania said:

New Round: 6/2 Sheep

Back again for Friday fun, it's your host with the most!

Time for some Sheep - PM ME what you think will be the most popular answer to the following prompts. If you match the most people, you win! No researching, just sheeping.



your responses. Thanks!

Don't answer the below anymore:

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01. Who will win the Stanley Cup Finals?

02. What is your favorite movie starring Chevy Chase?
03. What's the best non-sugary cereal?
04. What's the best television series that's still airing episodes?
05. Who's the best team in baseball this year?
06. Use one word to describe our current president.
07. What's the best attraction at Disney World?
08. Besides any electronic devices, what's an item in your workplace that you couldn't do without?
09. What's the best gift to give for Mother's Day?
10. In minutes, how much time on average do you spend in your car a day?


I'll be back in the PM to tabulate and reveal.

Praying for a comeback of Friday Funday!

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2/16 Friday Sheep - What I Like About Ewe

PM me what you think the MAJORITY of players will answer for each question. (Or not, if you're Gator ;))

We abide by the honor code: no googling!

1. What's the best type of restaurant for a first date?
2. Which Winter Olympics sport would you most like to compete in?
3. How much cash do you keep in your wallet?
4. Name a cryptocurrency coin or token that isn't Bitcoin. (Answers of "Bitcoin" will score 0 points.)
5. Which death of 2017 hit you in the feels the hardest? RIP to those we have lost.
6a. What character race should I roll up for my next D&D character? No humans. (Answers of "Human" will score 0 points.)
6b. What character class should I roll up for this same character (6a)? Remember, no googling!
7. Who was the best character on "Cheers"?
8. What author should every high school student be required to read at least one of their books?
9. What video game console had the best catalog of games?
10. Bit of a freeform question for the last one. I will read the answers and assign matches as best as I can. What is your day one plan for the zombie apocalypse?

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Just now, hagmania said:

Already sent.  Thanks again! This gives me a bit of joy. We played Family Feud board game over Christmas. I was cheering for the other team (it was guys vs. girls) and their good answers. They were weirded out, but my step-nephew said "Hey, he just likes good answers." Everybody laughed. 


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  • hagmania changed the title to FFA Bored Games - Survivor: Fleece Island - Podium Results

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