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We have a black sheep in our midst!   And what did @krista4 say? When I was ~12, we had a plant that looked like pot growing in our kitchen.  I asked my mom what it was, and she gave me


2 hours ago, hagmania said:

Dan Lambskin

100 - HOF FBG.  Kind of wanted to rate him a 10 since that’s all the Shuke scale goes up to but I don’t think that would be fair to the game


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2 hours ago, hagmania said:

EYLive    -    85/100 I think most, if not everyone, likes shuke. He makes juvenile eating videos, he has doppelgangers all over the world, doesn't have 5 gay sons NTTAWWT. 


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6 hours ago, hagmania said:


scoobus    -    70
Nugget    -    84
Nick Vermeil    -    85
bryhamm    -    92
ProstheticRGK    -    97
El Floppo    -    100
Galileo    -    100
caustic    -    100
heckmanm    -    102
Bob Sacamano    -    108
Getzlaf15    -    115
fatguyinalittlecoat    -    118
Ray McKigney    -    118
EYLive    -    120
Long Ball Larry    -    122
shuke    -    129.6
popeye    -    130
AAABatteries    -    139
Yankee23Fan    -    140


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4 hours ago, hagmania said:

Alright Dan, whaddaya got




Dan Lambskin

92 - big fan, enjoy their wings, prices not so much.  Definitely a lot more corporate than when I first started going but I have a lot of fond memories of this place.  I’ve probably been over 100 times and I dont think I’ve ever gotten anything other than traditional wings, boneless wings, fries and apps.  Once in awhile I get curious to try something else like a sandwich or burger but i just can’t pull the trigger.  Top 3 sauces Thai Curry / Spicy Garlic / Hot


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On 3/25/2020 at 2:43 PM, Dan Lambskin said:

While I appreciate fine foods you guys should know I have no issues stuffing my face with garbage either 

anyone voting under 80 should be disqualified 

also getting B-dubs for dinner tomorrow 

Might have to lower my ranking large wings limited to 2 sauce choices instead of 4

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Next up: Sheep

PM me what you think the most popular response is to the prompts below. You will score points based on how many other players' answers you match. BEWARE THE BLACK SHEEP! If you match their answer, you won't gain any points! As usual, I will be more lenient on the scoring for question 10.

01. Name a plant that people might grow at home.
02. Other than Earth, name a planet in our solar system. (Answers of "Earth" will score 0 points.)
03. Name a person that's on American currency.
04. What's something your dog can get away with but you can't?
05. Name a prolific actor/actress.
06. Name a famous witch.
07. What's your biggest pet peeve about other drivers?
08. Name a type of gun that doesn't use bullets as ammunition.
09. After you bring it home from the store, how many days does it take for a banana to "go bad"?
10. There is a prized possession in your home that you wish no one else to touch, and therefore you have managed to place a curse upon it! What curse afflicts the poor person that dares handle this precious item?

Now, about this black sheep... it's none other than















@krista4! Watch out!

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