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Antifa: Left Wing Militants on the Rise


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25 minutes ago, BladeRunner said:

Challenge Accepted!

I do believe that while maybe YOU may not have said anything, it was clear that "the left" believed everything she said.  You're not arguing that, are you?  I'm assuming you're only speaking for yourself?  

Because my point was to the larger group of "lefties".

Yes, I speak only for me.  I don't know if "the left" believed everything she said or not.  I'm not entirely sure I know who "the left" is, just as I'm not entirely sure I know who "the right" is.  Frankly, it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine when folks categorize large groups of people as having identical stances on everything.

By the way, regarding the challenge, if you do find such a post, I would like to add one slight requirement regarding the payout.  You can (and should!) respond publicly if you find one, but to collect you also need to PM me to ensure that I see it (i.e. no posting then claiming I never paid if you didn't also PM, given that I might have missed a post here or there); fair enough?

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11 hours ago, Rich Conway said:

Seems like what actually happened is nothing like what he claims happened.  Appears the event was captured on video, and per usual, "allegations" don't match facts.

So you can conclude everything that happened or didn't happen from a 45 second video?

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