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2018 Elections Thread

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Just got back from a polling place with my LD's State Senate candidate. We're a traditionally red Arizona district with two insanely terrible Republican incumbents and a fairly sane Senate Republican

I helped get a lesbian Native American elected to Congress.  In Kansas.   And helped prevent Kris Kobach from being in charge of an entire state.   How was your autumn?

Tonight, Ann Coulter tweeted "Kansas is dead to me".   But cut her some slack.  She's been pissed off at us ever since we dropped a house on her sister.  

1 hour ago, joffer said:

last African American Republican in the house, Will Hurd, retiring.  That’s surprising.

It is surprising and sad.  I like him.

Down to one African-American Republican in all of the House, Senate, and governorships.  Out of 277 people.

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1 hour ago, joffer said:

last African American Republican in the house, Will Hurd, retiring.  That’s surprising.

A vet, Gina Ortiz Jones, could make that district blue. She lost to Hurd by 0.5% in 2018 and is running again. She checks a lot of boxes: Philippina, LGBTQ, Iraq war, defense intelligence, trade. Hillary won the district by 3.6% in 2016.

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5 hours ago, SoBeDad said:

It's time for a 2020 elections thread.

Both Democrats (Shalala & Murcacel-Powell) who narrowly flipped the Curbelo and retiring Ros-Lehtinen seats in the Miami area will face tough challengers.

But Shalala's challenger, former Spanish-language broadcast journalist Maria Elvira Salazar, got off to a rough start by (1) rolling out a mis-spelled version of her web-site ("elvria" instead of "elvira"), which was hijacked by a local democratic strategist who noticed the error, registered the domain and redirected it to Shalala's web-site and (2) initially registered  to run in the Muracel-Powell district instead of the Shalala district.   

Salazar: “We made a mistake. Mistakes happen and now we’re fixing it."

There is one if you had bothered to use the search function:


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