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Hope this is correct forum. Wanted to get in-depth thoughts on very early PPR mid-late 2nd round RB for next year redraft (where do you rank):  

Ingram NOS, McCaffrey CAR, Freeman ATL, Howard CHI, and Hyde SFO? ~~~~~~

Consensus top 2 is probabaly Ingram/McCaffrey.  The other 3 I'd like to delve into:

* Freeman - probably most will say top here of remaining 3. does he bounce back? sharing with coleman. OC under-utilized him. could be a steal here.

* Howard - doesn't catch a lot unlike Cohen. new offensive minded coach. maybe bears bring in a good rookie or free agent WR to boost his TDs.

* Hyde -- under-rated imo (so long as 49ers dont select Barkley). Jimmy G will help. Off should be better beginning season as we saw late year surge.

Thanks !!!

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I assume if you're talking very early redraft, you're talking best ball like MFL10s/Draft.com/Dataforceff.com, since those are the three places that roll out drafts in the late winter. If so, I like Freeman in large part because his role is set and for whatever reason, Coleman continues to be underrated in BB leagues. Draft.com already has theirs up and I've done a half dozen, targeting the second round Freeman/sixth round Coleman stack in several and feel good about what I've assembled around them. I've been avoiding Howard and Hyde for now until I get more clarity on how the offense will look (Howard) and where he'll be (Hyde). 

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