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FREE AGENT FAN!!! Am I cheating on my team?

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3 hours ago, BoltNlava said:

My f'n team up and left. They Gone! 



Enjoy your team win or lose and try to realize it could be worse...lol... Maybe.

Yup. Not a lot of sympathy from me from anyone complaining about how difficult it is to root for their team when Spanos left a loyal fanbase to go to a city that didn't want them. 

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3 hours ago, msudaisy26 said:

Just pick an NFC team. You will never have to root against either team in the playoffs unless they meet in the super bowl. What are the odds of that though, for the record I am an Eagles and Patriot fan. 


Been a Packer fan since I was 7, SBI was the 1st game I ever saw. Born and raised 5 hrs north of Seattle, and adopted the Hawks (AFC) during the Zorn, Largent, Easley days. Still route for both unless playing each other. Sorry Hawks, but I still have a smile if you win

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12 hours ago, Catbird said:

ETA: And you already have OSU to root for. How much winning do you need?  

Maybe he needs to move to Alabama ;)

10 hours ago, DocHolliday said:

I don't see how you can just switch teams.  As a long time Raider fan, I have wanted to switch teams often.  But once you are a fan of a team, you are stuck.  

You will eventually get to cheer for your team.   I watched my brother suffer as an eagles fan for over twenty years and now get to watch him walk on cloud nine.  

Sort of. Don't force a transition but if one comes naturally don't fight it. Cheer for who you like. Maybe you shouldn't call yourself a fan of another team on these boards, but cheer all you want.

There's nothing really wrong with cheering for players you like (as others mentioned, having a Dynasty team helps) either, unless they're playing your team.  

Really, who (other than fans of rival teams) can't enjoy watching greatness? Especially if the player seems like a genuinely good dude. I can't cheer for the Texans, but I sure can enjoy watching Watt and Watson play. As a kid I hated the bulls but Jordan was mesmerizing at times.

8 hours ago, Catbird said:

Do you really want to start over at your age, to be a fan of a team whose history you didn't live and won't ever remember?

Go Bengals!

Most people here didn't really live the Lions, Packers, bears, Steelers, etc history either. 

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After reading all of these posts and thinking about it. I have decided to stick with the Bengals. Mike Brown is 82 years old. I have to hope Katie Blackburn sells or runs the team better in the future. I can't switch or change. I don't think my heart would be in it.

Thanks for all the advice.


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If you can just switch teams on a whim, you probably weren’t a legit fan to begin with. I’m a Pirates fan and as frustrating as it has been, that will never change.  There are no “second teams”.  I just can’t force myself to root for another team.

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