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Draft Masters (MFL10 like) leagues


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If you are interested in joining a draft master league (similar to MFL10s), please join me in this groupme chat room where I post when I am opening another league. 


Note, Draft Masters are similar to MFL10, but I don't use defenses or kickers and all funds are handled via leaguesafe.  It's 100% payout since MFL doesn't charge anything for these leagues. 

The leagues are draft only leagues, so no waivers, no trades, no line ups, just a draft and scoring for 16 weeks.  At the end of 16 weeks, top 3 teams will receive payouts via leaguesafe. 

The following link is my "shell" league which I use to create duplicate copies to start new leagues with.  It is my standard, start 1 qb league set up. 


I also do another variation on these leagues, which is a superflex.  Same settings, just adjust starting line up to be 1-2 qbs. 

Currently looking to fill DM IV as DM III is getting near end of the draft and SF III is about half way thru the draft.  I will probably be doing several of these leagues and it's only March, so the more people that want to get in, the more likely I will be starting more and more.  So, join the groupme above and follow the links in there.  Ask questions there if you have any.


Edit to add:  All funds via leaguesafe - $10 per owner - so $120 paid out at end of season.  Majority approval on allocations, zero commish reimbursement

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Currently filling DM VI and SF VI if anyone is interested in joining.  About 3-4 spots in each.  Typically after the new batch of leagues drafts get close to being done, I will open up the next batch.  So, join us in the groupme chat room using the link above and let's draft!

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