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Netflix - Babylon Berlin

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Just finished watching Babylon Berlin; fantastic show. :thumbup:


Babylon Berlin is a German period drama television series based on novels by Volker Kutscher (de). The series takes place in 1929 during the Weimar Republic and follows police inspector Gereon Rath, who has been transferred from the city of Cologne to Berlin, and aspiring police inspector Charlotte Ritter. The first series premiered on 13 October 2017 on Sky 1, a German-language entertainment channel broadcast by Sky Deutschland. The first novel of the book series, which put a premium on historical accuracy, is entitled Der Nasse Fisch (literally "The Wet Fish") (2008).

This is the 2nd great German series I've watched this year ... which brings my lifetime total up to 2.  

I won't spoil anything (and if you want to go in blind, careful on the wiki above; character descriptions include some spoilers).  Just watch it.  Very well acted, great story, But the most compelling aspect for me was that characters are multidimensional.  In particular

Peter Kurth as Detective Chief Inspector Bruno Wolter, a Berlin Police investigator whose affability masks a willingness to extort sex from unregistered prostitutes and even to murder his fellow cops in cold blood. Despite this, Wolter also shows great kindness to Charlotte Ritter by paying funeral expenses and comforting her when her mother dies

Go watch it!

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4 hours ago, Scoresman said:

Is this at all scary, gory or overly violent?  My wife will not want to watch this if it is.

it's got some moments of violence but not the American style, 30 people shot, heads exploding, graphic scenes of rape, etc. or anything

it's tastefully done. like couples porno.

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On 4/20/2018 at 4:35 PM, El Floppo said:

It's no Dr Foster, but I guess it was ok for a beautifully filmed, acted, art-directed, written fantastic piece of tv.

Lol...no memory at all of Dr foster (I'm guessing it's a @gianmarco special) .... But still stand by my support of Berlin. 

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55 minutes ago, heckmanm said:

Two-plus-year bump.  Just finished binging all 3 seasons.

My tip is DO NOT watch it with English audio. Worse dub than a 60's kung fu movie. It's worth the effort to read subtitles.

Agree with this.  I started it, didn't realize it was in German, and Netflix defaulted to the dubbing.  After a few minutes of bafflement at how horrible the acting was for something rated so highly, the light dawned and I switched to the German language track.  

Fantastic, fantastic series.  

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