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14 team IDP Dynasty league Needs Owners

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Hello, I'm commish in a 14 team IDP dynasty league. League began in 2001. We're in need of five new owners this year. League dues are $25 annually. Payouts, less MFL costs, are 80% to first place and 20% to second. Scoring is fairly old school with only .5 per reception. As soon as we replace the five owners, we'll likely do a draft of all available players and draft picks. This process creates a sense of ownership for new owners. Once that is completed and everyone is paid, we'll do the rookie draft.


Please email me at gringoloco@gmail.com.


Here's the league:





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I am interested. What is killing leagues is teams trading away future draft capitol without paying future league dues. I just do not want a team that does not have their 2019 draft picks, i am ok with dispersal having this years draft picks.

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A taxi squad is basically the same thing as a practice squad in the NFL. You can assign up to 4 (or 5, I forget the specifics in this league) rookies or second year players to this "taxi squad". They can't play that season while on the taxi squad, but they don't count against your active roster. This is typically a spot where owners keep their rookies or second year players that may not be playing much that season but should have a bright future.

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