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Dynasty Trade Value Chart help



Love FBG and the content and great respect for the folks that write here but I have a major question on the Dynasty Trade Value Chart. I had a 2 for 3 trade I was working showed a menu of a couple of players on his side and a couple on my side and shared trade values from DTC and from the FBG as a reference. I was focused on the players as I had a good feel for things - shame on me for not paying closer attention. I usually drill into numbers before I trust them or use them but my trust in FBG was and is such that I didn't check the details.  He came back that Baldwin = Richardson + Godwin as one leg of the trade based on the Trade Value Chart figures.

Did not seem right at all so I looked at some other players listed to see if I could get a sense of what was going on...Fitz who probably is in his last year has a value of 5 while Godwin and Golladay are 6's?

Double checked and this was not a redraft value chart but a dynasty value chart. Any comments? Maybe I'm seeing this wrong.... 

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I think it probably has to do with the fact that Fitz could have more WR #1 weeks this season than either of those guys have for the rest of their career. Those guys could be barely startable for years and Fitz can help a team win this year. I would not trade Fitz for either of those guys if I had any chance of winning. Team context is a big part of value that can't be quantified by a trade calculator.  

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