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8 minutes ago, Mile High said:
9 minutes ago, cockroach said:

Dude is god's representative on Earth.  He knows things.  

I would say to him. "You go first"


"Well, I totally would, but God, you see, he wants me to do a couple other things around here first... So you go and I'll catch up.  Right behind you. " 

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HuffPo article: QAnon Attorney Lin Wood Says He's Ending 'Journey' With 'Deep State' Cog Michael Flynn.

The Qanon movement is suffering a fracture between its most well known supporters, Lin Wood and Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

Included in the article is an audio clip from when Wood recorded a conversation between Wood and Flynn.

In the clip Flynn refers to Qanon as a "disinformation campaign" and "nonsense."

So, evidently Flynn has been taking advantage of the gullible believers in the Qanon movement to serve his own selfish benefit.

What a total Kook show...

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On 8/6/2018 at 2:07 PM, Qanon said:

It is not shtick and like I said before I will not lie. My facts are Q's facts, believe them or not. Your choice.

Let me ask you guys  question. Why do you think so many Congressman are leaving, in unpresented numbers. Do you have a clue as to all the '3 Letter" agency  people have either quit, retired or been fired? Do you realize how many CEO's have retired. It is all related .

What happened to this guy?

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