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Official ***Philadelphia v. Atlanta Week 1 Kickoff Game Thread***


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 Fantasy season is finally about to commence.




 (Let me curb my enthusiasm for a second. I am in 3 leagues, which is admittedly less than usual. But wouldn't you know, I don't own a single damn player on either roster, and I don't even have anyone to sweat tonight.)   :wall:


That really sucks, since this is the first year in about 6-7 I have Thursdays available to watch.



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2 minutes ago, ChiefD said:

Figures Philadelphia can screw up the opening night of football. We all knew the skies would open up and the apocolypse would rain down when that happened.

Looks like tonights the night.


Just more time to enjoy being the champs.  

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God is obviously angry the Iggles won the SuperBowl. He is showering His children in His tears so he may wash them of their sin. Truly he is raining down His blessing so they may repent and change their cocky Iggles nature.

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2 minutes ago, jtp1982 said:

It’s almost 8:40 no game on and Al Michaels tells me “There was one lightning bolt in the distance”

Come on guys it’s football 

Yeah, what if there are a few fans electrocuted by a lightening bolt? No liability issues there from the deceased fan's family or estate.

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