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*** RAVENS @ BENGALS *** Thursday night football.......


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Just now, Stuart Ullman said:

I know you're all ragging on Flacco since he's an easy target. But he's done a great job avoiding the Bengals pass rush tonight.

He’s done okay job.  A couple nice avoids. A lot of garbage and ill advised throws. 

He’s just not very good.  Bottom 6 QB in the NFL

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Joe Dolan is just losing his #### over Buck Allen on Twitter and I’m rolling. I see why people enjoy when I get upset about Jamaal Williams. Both are emphatically poor NFL RB’s.

Also, I don’t think John Ross will be a thing. First round WR’s that do nothing their first year rarely overcome it. The thing I thought maybe gave him a chance was the last WR to overcome such a bad rookie season was Santana Moss, a similar skilled and built player. I don’t think it’s happening. Boyd looks great and I still wonder if Malone doesn’t stand a chance down the line. 

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Just now, Bojang0301 said:

:lmao: Collins owners on massive tilt

Nah - just irritated. Hey absolutely could have used him a couple times when they did not. 

Early on the Jackson QB option should have gone to him - he’d have scored pretty easily I think. 

Just then on 2nd & 2 they were facing a soft front - they passed deep. Next play a TE runs it and nearly gets stuffed but busts through. 

This drive was successful despite poor play calling. 


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