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Trade: Kerryon for Baldwin PPR



I'd be receiving Baldwin in this deal, full point PPR. I like the potential upside of Kerryon but have RBs and could use the help at WR.

RB: Fournette/Yeldon, Hyde, Royce Freeman, James Connor, Kerryon

WR: Hopkins, Larry Fitz, Cole, Dede

We start 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex 

Happy to answer yours in return!

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thanks for answering mine. 

In a vacuum, I think i'd prefer Johnson as I see him taking over in that backfield and the RB position is so scarce this year it seems. That being said, the way your roster is made up, I think I'd do this to boost your WR corp. 

after Nuk, I'm just not confident any of them could put up WR2 numbers on a week-in/ week-out basis. 

good luck

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1 hour ago, LakeCowboy said:

I'm a former Baldwin owner and a current KJ33 owner, and while I like Kerryon's long term upside... getting Baldwin upgrades your roster/starters/depth once he's back.

That is the key... ONCE HE"S BACK.  I don't trust Baldwin's health, so I would look for someone else for WR.  On this offer, I am passing, especially with starting a minimum of 2 backs

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